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Body Makeovers Michigan

About Body Makeovers

Just like our face, we only get one body in this life, so we may as well take care of it. This is one investment that is sure to bring you returns, regardless of diet and exercise. Technology can compliment a healthy lifestyle when that lifestyle still leaves you with body imperfections that you would like to improve.

FACE has extensively researched the most cutting-edge therapies that can non-invasively transform your figure and get you results. The following treatments can be used individually or in combination to perfect your figure, and keep you looking and feeling your best!

Our Most Popular Body Makeover Treatments:


FACE is proud to be of the first in the world to offer CELLFINA™- The first FDA-cleared technology to get to the structural cause of cellulite, in one treatment, and lasts a minimum of two years. This breakthrough technology is in a class of its own!

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vanquish michigan

This is the #1 treatment to permanently destroy fat non-invasively in multiple areas all at once. The average amount is 2 inches, and can go up to 4 inches. Vanquish Fat Removal is better than freezing methods, and pain-free!

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venus legacy skin tightening

This #1 voted cutting-edge makeover treatment, is the most advanced body shaping treatment in the world. Venus SculptFX will diminish cellulite, tighten your skin, smooth the appearance of your skin, and reduce circumference!

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light sheer duet laser michigan

There is only one treatment out there consistently voted #1 for hair removal and that is the Duet high-speed hair removal laser. This technology requires no gels or ice packs and is so fast we can do legs or backs in 15 minutes!

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Additional Body Makeover Treatments:

Pure Light Slim

5x stronger than any other energy based system on the market, the Pure Light Slim will take inches of fat off your waistline, arms, or thighs in as little as 2 weeks, and without pain or downtime. A series of 8-12 sessions is recommended.

Limelight Laser
This Intense Pulsed Light Laser will rid your body of brown spots, and redness resulting from sun damage. Your chest, hands, upper back, shoulders, and legs, can easily look prematurely aged from years of sun damage.

The only FDA-Cleared device to physically lift your neck, and now cleared to be the only device to treat vertical chest lines. #1 voted treatment by consumers, FACE is proud to be the largest provider in Michigan of this advanced technology.

This fractional laser is great for textural irregularities and brown spots on the neck, chest, hands, and more. See a noticeable difference in the skin in your first treatment.

Lam Probe
A unique treatment to get rid of skin tags, cherry angiomas, and milia on the spot in just one to three sessions. There is no downtime and the session takes only minutes.

Body Peels
What good are all these therapies if you have dull, rough, dead skin cells? It is so important to smooth the appearance of the skin, as well as stimulate collagen. That is how the models in the magazine do it, so why not the rest of us? Whether itʼs your hands, arms, back, legs or chest, Body peels, and adjunctive home care treatments are sure the make your skin look like silk.

Body Makeover Before / After Photos:

Cellfina Patient 1 - Before
Cellfina Patient 1 - After Two Years

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FACE is an award winning skin and wellness clinic at the forefront of non-invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation. FACE is the most recognized brand with the area’s most sought-after skin experts. Our methods use the most advanced technologies and techniques to help you put your best FACE forward.

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