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Pure Light Slim in Michigan
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pure light slim in michigan

About Pure Light Slim in Michigan

Pure Light Slim is the newest energy based treatment in helping to sculpt your perfect body. From the first treatment, you will notice up to an inch of FAT loss. Other treatments may temporarily lose inches from water loss, then you hydrate and it comes back. With the Pure Light Slim, you will lose the fat, shrink the fat cell, and keep the weight off! With proven research, get ready for the best personal trainer out there.

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Pure Light Slim Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the Pure Light Slim?
A. A slimming and Detoxification system, to assist with weight loss and other noninvasive body contouring treatments. Basically, it is the best trainer you could have to lose inches fast and safely. FACE is of the first in the USA to offer this treatment and the only in the state of Michigan!

Q. What makes it unique?
A. 100% Medical LED (Light Emitting Diodes) System Utilizes clinically proven 635nm wavelength to shrink fat cells 8 pads- more coverage area than other devices 16-watt system – Strongest slimming treatment on the market 15 minute treatment time – Shortest treatment time on the market.

Q. How does the Pure Light Slim work?
A. It works by lipid peroxidation. Light safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the fat cell. This stimulation opens pores in the fat cells allowing the fat to escape. Fat cells will then shrink while the excess fat is safely removed by your body’s metabolic process.

Q. Where does the fat go?
A. The lymphatic system which is ‘powered’ by muscle movement. This system of lymph nodes and vessels running throughout the body is responsible for transporting fatty acids to the circulatory system for metabolism. Lymph nodes release enzymes that break triglycerides down into free fatty acids. The free fatty acids are then used as energy for the body and burned off during exercise.

Q. How soon can I see results?
A. Generally in one to two visits.

Q. What is the difference between Pure Light Slim and other technologies?
A. Pure Light Slim is the strongest energy based system on the market for body slimming. It will be up to 5x stronger, and treatments are half the time of other devices. The cost of the Pure light Slim is also near half of the other technologies available.

Q. How is Pure Light Slim compare to other body contouring devices at FACE?
A. Pure light Slim is comparable to weight loss from losing inches. It will also achieve very fast results. Liposonix will actually destroy the fat cell as comparable to Liposuction. Liposonix takes a few months before the full result is seen. Venus Freeze is our device for skin tightening, smoothing, and cellulite. All three of our devices can be used together to achieve an optimal body makeover.

Q. How many treatments do I need?
A. BMI over 30 requires 12 sessions. BMI under 30 requires 8 sessions. Treatments can be done every day or every other day. Exercise to follow.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. $150 per treatment, or $125 per treatment when broken down into a series.

Q. Is there any pain or downtime?
A. NO pain, NO downtime, NO surgery, NO side effects

Q. How long do treatments last?
A. The fat cell will stay reduced as long as you do not gain weight. Putting on additional weight is what makes them expand.

Q. How do you ensure maximum results?
A. For best results, cardiovascular exercise should be performed some time after the treatment. If aerobic exercise is not performed following your Pure Light treatments, some fat (not all) will be reabsorbed by the cells.

Q. Will I gain weight in other places?
A. We recommend only one treatment area at any one time. Once one course is completed, a second can be started immediately. This makes sure there is not so much fat released that your body reabsorbs it.

Q. Laser vs. LED: Which Is Better?
A. The coherent and non-coherent light with the same wavelength, intensity, and dose provides the same biological response- Biomedical Photonics, Tina Karu. Pure Light Slim has an unsurpassed wavelength, intensity, and result.

Q. What areas can be treated?
A. Any part of the body can be safely treated.

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