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The Skin Management Model™ – Level 1 Balance
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Skin Management Model - Level 1 - Balance

Level 1 – Balance

Aesthetic treatments to detox, heal and nourish.

As with anything, you need a strong foundation before you can start to build upon it, and skin is no exception to the rule.

To achieve balance, skin needs to be cleansed, detoxified, PH balanced, dead cells exfoliated, hydrated, cells nourished with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, barrier function restored, and protected.

This is the core of all our therapies!

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Level 1 – Balance

Dermal Detox

For congested/acne-prone skins that need healing. Inflammation, bacteria, oil is reduced, and pores are refined.


An ultra-hydrating and replenishing treatment to heal and protect dry skin. Layers of humectants, emollients, and antioxidants restore the skin to life.


A combination therapy balancing different areas and aspects of the skin. Great for congested, dehydrated, oily, combination skins, or for those just getting started.

The White Rose

Our rescue treatment for sensitized skin. Bulgarian rose, seaweed, and antioxidants restore normal function, while currents and enzymes allow for deeper healing.

Garden Oasis

An array of 100% organic botanicals and oils, and herbs encompass this facial treatment for the skin and senses alike.

HydraFacial Mini

A simplified version of the HydroFacial MD. Three jet tips are used to exfoliate skin, cleanse pores, and infuse antioxidants for a radiant glow.