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The Skin Management Model™ – Level 2 Stimulate
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Skin Management Level 2 Stimulate

Level 2 – Stimulate

Individual cellular level treatments to start rejuvenation.

If you just balance the skin on the surface, but don’t target the lower levels of the skin, then you can not create lasting change.

This is where we begin not only working on preventative aging (or acne) but also on the beginning stages of repairing damages.

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Level 2 – Stimulate

HOLLYWOOD treatments to the stars are now available for everyone right here in Michigan! Treatments at a cellular level to create better skin as we age. At this depth, the treatments last for one month, however for optimum results treatments are started as a series of 4-6 treatments at shorter intervals.


Customized face and body resurfacing treatments to start the process of stimulating collagen, and a great start for the beginning anti-ager, that may be on a budget. Pharmaceutical-grade acids are used to stimulate collagen and improve pores, texture, redness, and acne.

Eye Peel

Medical peels designed to rejuvenate the delicate eye area. In a series of 4 treatments, clinical results show collagen stimulation and improvement in dark circles, fine lines, and texture for the periorbital region. Add this to any facial treatment.

Ultrasound Facial

Ultrasound uses 3 million ultrasound waves per second to stimulate collagen and nourish the skin. Added into our signature facial treatment, your skin will look more hydrated, calm, and radiant, and the effects last one month.


A Red Carpet favorite! Our signature treatment with three types of repair enzymes allows us to help repair damage in the skin at a cellular level. This rejuvenation treatment combines comfort as well as an intense GLOW! Very tightening and re-texturizing to reveal a natural facelift.


This muscle sculpting treatment gives immediate and cumulative results by using three types of electrical current to tighten muscles to the firmness of their youth. Treatment is finished with a 24K gold mask to stabilize electrons in the skin, protecting them from free radical damage. ATP synthesis is stimulated by 500% and elasticity by 48%. Recommended in a series and post Titan Laser.

RedLight Facial

This first-class anti-aging treatment begins with enzymes and pore cleansing followed by the RedLight and customized mask. This LED light-based Dermatological treatment is 100x stronger than any other light-based system on the market. Besides stimulating collagen, the light has a multiude of skin benefits (including anti-acne), and 6 FDA clearances. The RedLight alone is recommended in a series over four weeks for further skin rejuvenation.

Onmilux Blue Facial

This Blue light-based facial treatment is 100x stronger than any other light-based treatment on the market for acneic skin. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and Blue light therapy combine to make this remarkable therapy without the side effects of medication or the downtime of lasers.


Layered with our signature treatment, this O2 oxygen infusion combines with antioxidants, intense hydrators, and collagen builders to intensely PLUMP up fine lines, and wrinkles, bind 1000x moisture, increase circulation, and diffuse inflammation. Plump up the skin without using injections!


Broad range light technology to help a multitude of skin issues ranging from acne, skin tone, pore size, texture, and aging. Creates a natural, radiant glow without downtime. A series is recommended.


FACE is the first to bring this new three-in-one facial technology to the US! Cutting edge resurfacing plus deep facial rejuvenation and oxygenation without the use of traditional chemical or acid-based peeling. Essential revitalizing nutrients stimulate collagen and heal the skin from within, and without downtime. Beyond glowing skin, OxyGeneo is a perfect for all seasons and skin types.


The Hydrafacial MD is an all-in-one system for someone who needs a quick fix to their multiple skin problems. In a 30-40 minute treatment, our spiral technology cleanses the pores, peels the skin, and infuses ingredients in a highly effective treatment for blackheads, texture, dull complexion, pores and imbalanced skin.