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About Bellafill Acne Scar Treatment

FACE is proud to introduce Bellafill®, unique injectable collagen filler with microspheres that instantly smooth acne scars and facial wrinkles for beautiful, natural-looking correction that lasts.

Recently approved by the FDA, the collagen gel in Bellafill® provides immediate volume and lift using PMMA microspheres, one of the most commonly used materials in medicine for 65 years. According to a recent article, the FDA action was based on a randomized study at 10 U.S. clinical centers in which Bellafill was “found to be an effective, well-tolerated treatment for acne scars compared with the use of a control saline injection at 6 months.”

Injectables for scars are nothing new, but what makes Bellafill different from any other injectable is that it actually leaves behind 20 percent that you get to keep. The studies show it stimulates your own collagen reformation, so what is left behind can stay there for up to five years, and this is remarkable in the realm of fillers.

Benefits of the Bellafill®

  • Immediate and lasting improvement for acne scars, folds, lines, and hollows
  • Injection comfort with 0.3% lidocaine
  • Helps replace lost collagen by working with the body’s natural processes
  • Simple, in-office treatment with little to no downtime

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Bellafill Acne Scar Treatment FAQs:

Q: What is Bellafill®?

A: Bellafill® is a smooth collagen-based dermal filler with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres. The collagen gel in Bellafill® provides immediate volume and lift to correct the wrinkle/nasolabial fold and/or acne scar. The PMMA microspheres remain in place and create a base that provides structural support for the smoother-looking skin.

Q: Is Bellafill® safe?

A: Bellafill® has been proven safe through 5 years in the largest and longest prospective dermal filler study ever conducted.

Q: What’s the downtime with Bellafill®?

A: You can return to daily activities right away. You may experience temporary swelling, pain, redness, bruising, lumps/bumps, itching, and discoloration at the treatment site. These side effects are usually transient and typically resolve within 1–7 days.

Q: Who can receive treatment with Bellafill®?

A: Patients must be 21 years of age or older. In clinical studies, Bellafill® was shown to work on all skin types, and in men and women. If you have a history of severe allergies, have known bovine collagen allergies, are allergic to lidocaine, have bleeding disorders, or are prone to thick scar formation and/or excessive scarring, you should not receive Bellafill.

Q: How much does Bellafill® cost?

A: The cost of Bellafill® varies depending on how many syringes are required to obtain optimal correction. We can personalize a treatment plan that fits your time and budget during your consultation.

Q: How long does it last?

A: Satisfaction and effectiveness for the correction of nasolabial folds have been established through 5 years. Effectiveness for the correction of acne scars has been proven through 12 months, however, studies are continuing to show it lasts longer, and are awaiting FDA approval.

Bellafill Acne Scar Correction

Q: What is the physical and emotional impact of acne scars?

A: Acne is the most common skin disorder in the U.S., affecting up to 40–50 million Americans. A significant number of acne sufferers go on to develop devastating scarring. Scars are more than skin deep and have been shown to cause high levels of anxiety and self-consciousness. In an independent study, 92% of people said if their acne scars were healed, it would restore or improve their self-confidence. Now with Bellafill®, acne scar sufferers have a new treatment choice approved by the FDA that is proven to be safe and effective with minimal to no downtime!

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