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Ladies First – The Procedure We Need To Talk About

Vaginal rejuvenation.

Still with me? When you saw those two little words, did you read it as a whisper? Well cut it out! There is no shame in being curious, and even wanting to, tighten up your game. I’m coming at you woman to woman to pull down the curtain society (our fellow ladies included) arbitrarily seems to place around vaginal health.

First off, let’s go ahead and disband the myth that this procedure was invented solely for the benefit of men. Regardless of vaginal tightness, I bet your husband / boyfriend / friend-with-benefits is thrilled to be with you, exactly as you are at this moment. While it does benefit someone other than yourself, choosing to undergo vaginal rejuvenation is a personal decision. I like to think of it as not dissimilar than why we enjoy wearing a matching bra and pantie set, even knowing there is zero chance of anyone else seeing the ensemble. It’s a little secret that makes us feel confident and strong on the inside, a source of power no one else can see. Vaginal rejuvenation just happens to be a more literal way to feel good on the inside. Yes, it will make sex feel (even) better for him. However, more importantly, it helps your body more readily produce it’s natural lubricant, plus it virtually eliminates painful burning and bleeding during intercourse.

Unfortunately discomfort during sex has no minimum or maximum age. While you more often hear about these symptoms affecting older women, vaginal rejuvenation can help women as young as twenty-one. If you’ve had children, experienced menopause, beaten cancer, or even if you take certain medications, this could help you feel more comfortable in your day-to-day life. Imagine going on a date and instead of panicking about what may or may not happen later, how your body may or may not respond, you can actually enjoy getting to know someone. No more Facebook stalking to remember what you discussed where he said he went to college or how many siblings he has.

Did I mention how quick the procedure is? In the amount of time it takes to get a Starbucks latte and your kid’s coffee-free Unicorn / Dragon / whatever-the-next-big-mythical-creature-Frappuccino-is, you could have your vagina tightened three times – and that’s on a morning the drive-thru is moving quickly. Dare I say the rejuvenation process is even less painful. If I told you that in just five minutes, the amount of times you pee just a little when you laugh or sneeze is basically a thing of the past, you would be throwing your checkbook at me. But the second the words “vaginal rejuvenation” are tossed into the mix, the pocketbooks disappear like the “Cash me outside” girl’s fifteen minutes of fame. I rather admit I pee a little when I laugh over a particularly funny stand-up special on HBO, than confess I didn’t know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were getting divorced until two months after the rest of the world did.

Now that you know the benefits and how long it takes, and if you’re still with me (fingers crossed), I bet you’re wondering how it feels. The process happens internally, so while it is painless, unlike when I burn my fingers taking my lunchtime Lean Cuisine out of the microwave every day, you will feel a warm vibrating sensation. Which honestly, doesn’t sound all that bad. Here’s exactly how it works – a small tube is slipped into the vaginal canal, then it releases laser energy, which gets absorbed by the walls of the vagina. In response, the vaginal lining rebuilds collagen tightening the tissue. There is no numbness or downtime. Feel free to put your yoga pants back on and run a marathon, or, if you’re more like me, binge watch some Netflix. Simply avoid sexual activity for 48 to 72 hours, or as I call it, the perfect amount of time to finish “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

Still feeling kind of shy about the whole thing? Totally fine! After reading this we hope you feel a little more comfortable, and even excited, to discuss the positive impact vaginal rejuvenation could have on your life. Ready to schedule an appointment? Give us a call at 248-663-0161. If you’re still on the fence give us a call anyway! We are a knowledgeable, outgoing clinic that just loves to talk. Can’t wait to connect with you soon!


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FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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