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Facial Treatments in Michigan

Looking for the most advanced skin and facial treatments in the world? Having monthly CELLULAR level facial treatments are one effective method to looking younger and having healthier looking skin!

At FACE we offer the most extensive array of Michigan Facial Treatments that can help with:

  • Wrinkles
  • Crows Feet
  • Large Pores
  • Fine Lines
  • Acne
  • Dehydration
  • Uneven Skin Tone and more!

Our Skin Management Experts™ are the most trained in the country to stop aging skin. They are trained under highly acclaimed skin guru, Holly Cutler, also known as the The Skin Saint™,  and founder of FACE. Based on her Skin Management Model™, you can have unique and innovative facial treatments and solutions not found elsewhere.

With a 30 minute consultation prior to your first facial, we will assess your goals, do a 400 point skin analysis, and see how fast you would like to reach your skin dreams! Our Skin Management Expert™ will then recommend an individualized treatment plan that may include additional lasers, injectables, and product recommendations that will work best for you based on your specific needs.

Take a look at some of the most popular Michigan Facial Treatments today!

Our Most Popular Facial Treatments:

3D FACE Therapy MI

Looking for a FACE exclusive Celebrity Facial? 3D Face Therapy™ is one of Michigan’s newest and best facials that we offer.

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Oxygeneo Michigan

Oxygeneo™ is one of the newest and best solutions to help with aging skin, dull lifeless skin, acne, skin tone, fine lines, large pores, and more.

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Rezenerate Nano Facial Michigan

Rezenerate increases hydration by plumping the cells, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture, and tightens the skin.

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Hydrafacial Treatments in Michigan

Hydrafacial is a resurfacing, cleansing, hydrating, and rejuvenating treatment that will instantly transform the skin in less than an hour.

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Oxylight in Michigan

Oxylight by Sapphire 3 is a revolutionary and innovative technology that is multi-modality. FACE Beauty Science is of the first to bring to Michigan.

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Chemical Peels Michigan

Chemical peels produce a controlled injury to the tissue which promotes an accelerated growth of new skin and is a very simple way to improve your skin.

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Vi Peel Michigan

Oxygeneo™ is one of the newest and best solutions to help with aging skin, dull lifeless skin, acne, skin tone, fine lines, large pores, and more.

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Cryofacial Michigan

Cryotherapy is the application of cryogenically cooled air to the face to increase circulation, increase elasticity, reduce inflammation, and stimulate collagen.

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Dermal Infusion Michigan

DermalInfusion is an skin-resurfacing treatment that is the only treatment with condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance.

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Dermapen in Michigan

Looking for a FACE exclusive Celebrity Facial? 3D Face Therapy™ is one of Michigan’s newest and best facials that we offer.

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Salt Facial Treatment

The SaltFacial ™ is a Class II Medical Device that delivers clinical results to improve overall dermal health. The versatile SaltFacial™ can be used as a standalone 3-step process, or in conjunction with other procedures. Deep resurfacing  is combined with Ultrasound technology and LED therapy for more youthful skin.

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he next generation PRP is here at FACE! It’s called Selphyl® PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) and it is the most advanced Stem Cell and plasma facial to help aging, scarring, skin tone and texture. FACE has taken this a step further to launch its Stem Cell DIVA™ to incorporate oxygenation and phototherapy, and PRP Stem Cell VIVA™ using fractional RF for even greater rejuvenation and tightening. FACE is the first in the world to bring these advances together.

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Also known as a “Skin Botox”, the Micro-Tox™ Instant Facial creates glowing glass skin within days. Painless Aquagold Fine Touch micro-needles smaller than human hair are tapped into the skin using a cocktail of neuromodulators, filler, vitamins, or PRP.

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Additional Facial Treatments We Offer:

Microcurrent Facial

 Popular among the Hollywood elite, this muscle-sculpting treatment gives immediate and cumulative results by using eight types of electrical current to tighten muscles to the firmness of their youth. Treatment may be finished with a 24k gold mask to stabilize electrons in the skin, protecting them from free radical damage. aTP synthesis is stimulated by 500 percent and elasticity by 48 percent. recommended in a series by itself and/or with the Titan laser series.

L2 Refine

A custom blended resurfacing treatment for those who would like a glow-on-the-go. a choice from over 20 different ingredients and combinations, our skin management expertsTM will have you looking your best in no time!


A red carpet favorite! our signature treatment with three types of human enzymes allows us to help repair damage to the skin at a cellular level. This rejuvenation treatment combines comfort as well as an intense glow. Very tightening and retexturizing — for a natural quick lift.


This progressive refining treatment incorporates a combination of peels to quickly smooth, lift deeper pigmentation, and treat sun damage. Layer upon layer of retinoids of natural skin brighteners are applied until desired result is achieved. Mild flaking will occur for a few days post treatment.

Ultrasound Facial

Ultrasound uses 3 million ultrasound waves per second to stimulate collagen and nourish the skin. Added into our signature facial treatment, your skin will look more hydrated, calm, and radiant, and the effects last one month!


Broad range light technology to help a multitude of skin issues ranging from acne, skin tone, pore size and fine lines. Creates a natural, radiant glow without downtime. a series is recommended.

RedLight Facial

This first-class anti-aging treatment starts with enzymes and pore cleansing followed by the RedLight and customized mask. This LED light-based Dermatological treatment is 100x stronger than any other light-based system on the market. Besides stimulating collagen, the light has a multiude of skin benefits (including anti-acne), and 6 FDA clearances. The RedLight alone is recommended in a series over four weeks for further skin rejuvenation.

Omnilux Blue Facial

This Blue light-based facial treatment is 100x stronger than all other light-based treatment on the market for acneic skin. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and Blue light therapy combine to make this remarkable therapy without the side effects of medication or the downtime of lasers.


Layered with our signature treatment, this o2 infusion combines three types of oxygen delivery with antioxi- dants, intense hydrators, and collagen builders to intensely plump up fine lines and wrinkles, bind 1,000 times more moisture, increase circulation, and diffuse inflammation. Plump up the skin without using injections!

Fusion Facial

Our exclusive blend of two facial treatments in one for twice the collagen stimulation. Sun damage is noticeably reduced, skin is refined, and a radiant glow is revealed. The combination of therapies is a scientifically advanced technique to speed up rejuvenation of the skin.

Luxury Facials

FACE has created multiple one of a kind facials below that blend 5 or more technologies together to create an unparalleled experience not found anywhere else in the country. Recommended for the advanced spa goer, these treatments will repair, rebuild, resurface, tighten, and smooth the skin in a 90+ minute session leaving the skin stimulated and youthful. Beyond a celebrity facial!

Extreme Cyto-Lift

The ultimate in lifting facial treatments using a combination of therapies to maximize results. First, the skin is cleansed and resurfaced to create a foundation and gently stimulate collagen Second, the focus turns to stimulating elasticity with our LiftFX treatment resulting in lifted contours, less puffiness around the eyes, and less redness. We proceed to more lifting with three micro-currents designed to stimulate elastin by 48% and finish using a bio mask application sealing nutrients and hydration in the skin.

Skin Elixir 360°

The most luxurious facial on the planet, including 10 technologies to make you a perfect 10. This has never previously been achieved or accessible until now. Glowing skin is achieved through exfoliation and refining methods, while skin tone is evened through microphototherapy. The skin is then plumped, fibroblast cells are stimulated through Omnilux Light Therapy for collagen stimulation, and currents are used to gently lift facial contours. Ultrasound and nourishing treatment seal the skin for a perfected look of a celebrity!

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FACE is an award winning skin and wellness clinic at the forefront of non-invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation. FACE is the most recognized brand with the area's most sought-after experts. Our methods use the most advanced technologies and techniques to help you put your best FACE forward.

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