Your Acne will be Gone at the Speed of Light

Acne breakouts are triggered when pores get clogged by debris such as dead skin cells, excess sebum, makeup, and pollution. Once clogged, inflammation and bacterial overgrowth occur leading to whiteheads and sometimes painful cystic acne.  Sweat glands in your skin can also cause excessive sebum production clogging your pores and escalating inflammation. Hormones are also a catalyst no matter what your age. Acne can cause physical and emotional scarring if left untreated.

Hormones, diet, hygiene, and genetics are all factors that affect whether you have acne or not. However, it has recently been discovered that bacteria play a vital role. Genetic variations between the bacterial strains that exist in your pores make the difference between flawless skin and embarrassing blemishes. Forever Clear Broad Band Light (BBL™) is proven to effectively treat acne. Sciton BBL™ is an FDA approved laser acne treatment that uses a blue filter to target the p-acnes bacteria that are partly to blame for acne.  BBL is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device delivering light energy into your skin to help treat acne, leaving you with clear, healthy, radiant skin. 

Forever Clear BBL is great for both teens and adults:

  • Non-invasive
  • Quick and easy
  • Virtually painless
  • No downtime
  • FDA-cleared

What is Forever Clear BBL™?

Forever Clear BBL ™ is a widely acclaimed acne treatment that uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine. BBL™  is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device delivering light energy deep into your skin to stimulate and regenerate your skin cells, leaving you with clear, healthy, radiant skin.

We first treat the skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at its source, deep down in the pores. If required, we would perform a second step in the treatment process and treat the skin to reduce the inflammation and acne-associated redness to give you healthy, luminous skin. For added benefit, the skin is then treated with Forever Young BBL™ in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process.

Forever Clear BBL treats acne deep within the skin. Broadband Light of this magnitude is best in its class, and based on a side by side study with other devices, it was more customizable and effective. the treatment is comfortable, fast, and safe.

Am I a Candidate?

Forever Clear BBL can be the right treatment for people of all ages who are experiencing active acne, PIH, uneven skin tone, or is congested. Forever Clear BBL is a great treatment for both men and women, and anyone battling cystic, and inflammatory acne on face, chest, and back. It is a great treatment for targeting deep lesions early on as soon as you can feel them forming beneath the surface of the skin.

What is a Typical Treatment Like?

Your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses. You may briefly feel a warm or “rubber band snap” sensation as the light is absorbed by the targeted areas. Your procedure may take a few minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the area to be treated and the type of procedure performed. Your Skin Management Expert™ will discuss all of your options with you including the benefits, risks and what to expect.

Forever Clear BBL is a 3 step treatment that utilizes broadband light and infrared light to target inflammatory acne, cystic acne, and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.  The three steps reduce bacteria, oil, inflammation, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  The Forever Clear Acne Treatment targets and speeds the healing of existing breakouts and prevents breakouts.


This step targets P.acnes bacteria that causes acneic breakouts.  The blue light reduces active breakouts and new breakouts.


This step improves active, inflamed cysts or papules.  It reduces inflammation and redness associated with breakouts.  Lastly it helps reduce new breakouts and it also improves the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and post-acne lesion redness.


This step enhances the benefits of step 1 and 2.

People often describe it as a slight popping sensation or light rubber band snap. You may experience some discomfort in more sensitive areas. We do not use topical numbing as we do not want to affect the blood vessels, which may lead to a less efficacious treatment. It can take as little as 15 minutes, depending on the area you are looking to treat, as well as the treatment you are receiving. Treatment time varies from patient to patient.

What Results Will I See?*

Improvements can been seen after just one treatment, but ideally a set of 6-8 treatments would be performed at 1-2 week intervals.

Is There Any Downtime?*

This is a non-invasive and typically gentle procedure with virtually no downtime. In most cases, you are able to resume most of your activities immediately. Some redness immediately following the treatment is normal and should resolve within a few hours. This is a no downtime procedure so makeup can be applied immediately following.

You will be given post instructions and may be given additional products. You will be sensitive to ultraviolet light, and you must avoid direct sun exposure until completely healed. Fully cover your skin or use a good sunscreen whenever you go outdoors.

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*Individual Results May Vary