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Redness Rosacea Treatments in Michigan
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Redness Treatments Michigan

About Redness / Rosacea

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that causes redness on the face. Affecting millions of Americans, Rosacea commonly has a “butterfly” pattern that covers the nose and cheeks but may also include other areas, or progress to a condition called acne rosacea (papular rosacea). If left untreated, it usually progressively gets worse. Rosacea can also be an indication of a more serious medical problem, like lupus.

Our Most Popular Rosacea Treatments:

Limelight Skin Rejuvenation Michigan

The Limelight Laser is very effective at sun damage and superficial redness. These series of treatments will reverse the signs of damage, and give you an even skin tone.

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laser genesis mi

For more significant redness, pore size, aging, the Genesis V goes deeper than the original genesis to stimulate more collagen and speed results.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.21.57 AM

The most advanced vascular laser for redness or rosacea. This three-in-one treatment combines two lasers to effectively diminish reds, browns, and veins.

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Redness and Rosacea Treatments:

Facial Treatments
Advanced balancing therapies to start the process of calming and soothing the skin.

Rosacea Peels
Most peels are not indicated for redness, however, with advances in technology, there is now a redness peel that in just 4 gentle treatments can diminish the signs of redness. Adjunctive home care is recommended.

Genesis V
For more significant redness, pore size, aging, the Genesis V reaches deeper than the original genesis to stimulate more collagen and speed results.

Vascular Laser
Besides diffuse redness, it is common to also have tiny broken capillaries on the face. In just 1-3 treatments, our vascular laser will diminish these vessels and rid the face of a splotchy appearance.

Redness and Rosacea Before / After Photos:

Redness Treatments Before After

Redness and Rosacea FAQs:

What triggers rosacea?
Alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks, food sensitivities, exercise, hot baths/ saunas, the sun, the wind, stress, extreme weather, menopause, topical products, medications.

What causes Rosacea?
Sun damage, hormonal changes, digestive issues, Lupus, food sensitivities, and more.

What skincare products should I avoid?
Scrubs, any harsh cleanser, really active acid based products, or chemical sunscreens.

What skincare products should I use?
gentle exfoliators (without beads), anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, physical sunblocks, anti-irritants, and other agents can be very beneficial in calming the skin and reducing the signs and symptoms of redness in the skin.

When should I see a doctor?
Rosacea commonly has internal factors related to the external symptoms. We recommend seeing your primary care physician, or a naturopathic physician, in addition to having our external treatment modalities.

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