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Men’s Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in Michigan
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Mens Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Michigan

About Men’s Division

Our industry has predominantly catered to women in the past. FACE has had many gentlemen come in with needs specific to their skin and how they aging, but afraid that some places do not understand their needs or arenʼt equipped to help them. Men want to look their best, but they donʼt want to look like a woman.

Surgical options, like facelifts, have not worked for men, nor has even eyebrow waxing when it is shaped like a woman’s brow. That is the reason men are turning to FACE and our exclusive Menʼs Division. The modern man wants to look youthful, not done. Whether in sports, business, or leisure, our male clientele come from diverse backgrounds, all looking for the same thing – youth!

Our Most Popular Men’s Rejuvenation Treatments:

Mens Facial Birmingham Michigan

A more advanced facial resurfacing treatment to refine the look of a manʼs skin texture. Your pores will be smaller and cleansed, plus the face is infused with nutrients for a polished look.

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Mens Botox Treatments Birmingham MI

As we age, we can take on a more tired look. Injectables can refresh the look of the face, soften lines around the eyes and upper face, help with sunken under eyes or cheeks, and fill in folds within minutes and no downtime.

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Three in one most advanced vascular laser to simultaneously help brown spots, redness, and broken blood vessels. In a few sessions, you can take years of sun damage off the face with no downtime.

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Ultherapy Men Michigan Neck Lift

Men’s skin ages, just as everyone does. Commonly, men notice the facial tissue will start to droop down over time, as well as develop folds. We will be able to tighten, and even lift the tissue just like a facelift would without surgery.

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Mens Facials Michigan

Oxylight by Sapphire 3 is a revolutionary and innovative technology that FACE is one of the first to bring to Michigan. The facial treatment is multi-modality including LED panels oxygen, ultrasound, resurfacing, and more.

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Laser Hair Removal Birmingham Michigan

We use the #1 laser hair removal in the country. This technology is 5x faster, and 5x more comfortable than any other system on the market. Our Duet laser will keep you body happy and hair free.

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Additional Men’s Rejuvenation Treatments:

Facial Treatments
All skin needs to start somewhere, and that is why we commonly first see men for more of a traditional yet advanced style of facial work. Steam, massage, pore cleansing, exfoliation, masking, and more help to improve the appearance of all skin types!

Permea/Clear and Brilliant

Texture and tone are easily improved with these fractional treatments. In a few sessions, you will notice smaller pores, softer lines, brighter skin, and a more defined appearance.

Sun damage, including brown spots and redness, are easily solved with this treatment. In a few sessions, you can take years of discoloration off the face with no downtime.

Eyebrow Arch

Eyebrows can look like they are growing together, or just get unruly. In minutes, we can clean up the eyebrows, and give you a more professional look.

Men’s Rejuvenation Testimonials:

“I can’t say enough great things about my experience at FACE. Not only are the treatments the best anywhere, but their staff is top notch too.” – Stuart A.

“I originally came to FACE for their incredible hair removal device. Soon after I did facial treatments, and destroyed the fat in my mid section. As a business man in the public eye, I feel it is important to portray success in all areas. FACE exceeded my expectations.” – Mike I.

Get Started Today:

FACE is an award winning skin and wellness clinic at the forefront of non-invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation. FACE is the most recognized brand with the area’s most sought-after skin experts. Our methods use the most advanced technologies and techniques to help you put your best FACE forward.

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