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About Genesis Laser Treatments

Genesis Laser “airbrushes” your skin in under an hour, and for that reason, it is one of the staples of our practice. It is a multipurpose, all skin type solution for overall skin health. Noticeable changes can be seen in your skin from just the first treatment. With zero downtime, less redness, and pores smaller by 10-15% each treatment, you’ll surely be amazed by the difference!

Laser Genesis Before / After Photos:

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Laser Genesis Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the benefits of laser genesis?
A. Laser genesis will make your skin look like a model in a magazine. That is why we call it our “airbrushing” laser because it focuses on most skin issues such as texture, pore size, fine lines, redness, light scars, and produces collagen.

Q. Is Laser Genesis same as Photo facial/IPL?
A. Laser genesis is a laser that is used to stimulate the production of collagen help to reduce pore size by 10-15% every time, improve texture and lines, and reduce redness due to Rosacea and dilated blood vessels. Because it’s a long-wavelength laser, it can safely treat all skin types. IPL/ photo facial/ Limelight targets the surface sun damage, brown spots, dilated blood vessels, redness, and discoloration. IPL/Limelight is for lighter skin types.

Q. Will I see a result in one treatment? How many do I need?
A. In one treatment you will notice your skin visibly smoother, but in a series, you will see the effects of collagen regeneration, less redness, smoother lines, texture, and pores. A series of 5-6 treatments are recommended 2 weeks apart in order to compound the effect of physically changing the pore size, remodel the collagen, and reduce redness.

Q. What areas can I treat?
A. Face and chest are the most common areas people treat.

Q. What pre-post instructions do I need to adhere to?
A. Prior to your treatment, make sure their hair is removed in the area to be treated, stay off self-tanners for one week, and avoid irritants like retinoids and acids 24-48 hours before. After the treatment, only mineral based mkp can be used, and no active serums until next day. Avoid retinoids and scrubs for 48 hours after.

Q. Are the results permanent?
A. The results are cumulative and long lasting, however, our skin continues to age so it is important to support your series during and post with treatments and product that continue to stimulate collagen, reduce redness and refine pores.

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