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Skin Texture Treatments Michigan

About Skin Texture

Our skin is in constant demand for maintenance to look it’s best. Starting in our youth, we start to notice larger pores, skin imperfections, and more dull skin. On average, our skin is on a thirty-day cycle, but as we age, it continues to slow down and shed at a much slower rate. When this happens, our skin takes on a more dull, and aged appearance. To kick in the metabolism, and trick the skin into acting more youthful, we use many unique treatments that will bring back a smooth and radiant glow!

Our Most Popular Skin Texture Treatments:

Oxygeneo Michigan

FACE is the first to have this revolutionary facial technology. With this new product, you will be able to resurface, clarify, oxygenate, brighten, and anti-age your skin for a flawless complexion.

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This is a general name for many possible types or even depths of peels, but the end result of finer pores is the same.Chemical peels can be an essential part of a good anti-aging, and pore shrinking regimen.

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hydrafacial mi

A great treatment for manually resurfacing your skin while infusing pore cleansing and refining ingredients at the same time. This treatment will have your skin looking silky smooth in just over a half hour.

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Venus Viva Facial Rejuvenation MI

VIVA resurface texture and fine lines without downtime. As an ablative fractional radio frequency treatment, results are immediate and cumulative. Three treatments are recommended.

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Halo laser

The most dramatic results in texture and sun damage, lines, and pores, without the traditional downtime of ablative and fractionated lasers. The groundbreaking treatment is a must have for everyone.

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clear and brilliant in mi

A visibly illuminated skin tone with a renewed, ultra-soft texture. If you love a glow, and a reduction in your pore appearance, then this treatment will give you the radiance you need.

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Additional Skin Texture Treatments:

Facial Treatments
When you remove oil, dirt, and debris from your pores, the skin will naturally look more refined. This is a great place to start for beautiful skin!

Infini is the most advanced treatment for scars, and wrinkles without downtime. The outdated Dermapen in its abilities, or other fractional treatments that don’t use radio frequency heat at 85 degrees celsius to remodel and contract the collagen fibers. Three treatments once a month can give dramatic rejuvenation to the skin.

Laser Genesis
I love to have this treatment because it feels like a facial, and makes my skin appear airbrushed like a model in a magazine. Genesis also will make your pores smaller every time you do it, so do a series for the best result.

Pearl laser
This high impact skin changer will dramatically transform your skin in just one week. This is not a treatment you do when you have plans or a big event, as you can expect a few days of social downtime, so plan accordingly. If downtime is not for you, the other five treatments will better suit your needs.

Lam probe
A dermatology approach to bumps and tags on your skin that can make your texture look uneven.

Dermapen is a medical fractionated collagen induction therapy that dramatically smoothes skin texture including scarring) Add Filler (Description- Fillers help to fill deep ice pick scars in minutes. Our internationally trained RN will access your skin, and find the perfect filler for you.

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FACE is an award winning skin and wellness clinic at the forefront of non-invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation. FACE is the most recognized brand with the area’s most sought-after skin experts. Our methods use the most advanced technologies and techniques to help you put your best FACE forward.

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