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Hydrafacial in Michigan

HydrafacialMD is good for...

  • Large Pores
  • Dull Skin
  • Congestion
  • Anti-Aging
  • Texture
  • Hydration

About Hydrafacial and HydrafacialMD:


Hydrafacial is a resurfacing, cleansing, hydrating, and rejuvenating treatment that will instantly transform the skin in less than an hour. This fun, relaxing, and renewing facial treatment has been featured on TV, national publications, and has won awards for it’s innovation. Men and woman alike are raving about this cutting edge treatment, and their glow!

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The FACE Difference:


FACE is a multi award-winning skin and wellness clinic where results and passion combine to create happy faces. The Hydrafacial is a wonderful treatment, however in our experience it doesn’t replace a human being. We take this treatment further to incorporate additional pore cleansing that the machine may have not picked up. Our skin management experts know exactly how to customize this therapy to the precise depth, number of passes, and strength of resurfacing peel. We finish with our unique blend of restorative topicals customized to the individuals skin condition. At FACE, we also may alternate this therapy with one of our other elect treatments for enhanced results.


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Hydrafacial Laser Q & A:


What is HydraFacial™? The HydraFacial™ treatment is a more recent breakthrough in aesthetic technology. The HydraFacial™ treatment removes dead skin cells through resurfacing and infusion technologies, it then extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with purifying and renewing cosmeceutical serums. The treatment is soothing, renewing, and immediately effective.

What is the difference between the hydrafacial mini, and the MD version? The Hydrafacial mini includes the resurfacing, purifying, infusion, and nourishing combination that is customary of the award-winning treatment. The HydrafacialMD also includes a chemical peel in addition to all the other great benefits, to put the treatment now on a cellular level to create more lasting change.

Why is HydraFacial™ good for? Hydration, anti-oxidants, and good collagen are all the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. Irritation of the skin, as well as dehydration, have been proven to increase signs of aging. The HydraFacial™ is improving the appearance of fine lines, large pores, oily and congested skin.

What makes Hydrafacial different from Microdermabration? Microdermabrasion is a very dated treatment, that the owner stopped doing back in the year 2000, because it pulls on the skin, creates inflammation, does not effectively cleanse pores, does not infuse ingredients, nor does it treat the skin on a cellular level. The Hydrafacial effectively addresses these concerns and outdates microdermabration.

Am I a candidate for this treatment? The HydraFacial™ treatment is designed for all skin types, and most skin conditions. Even the most sensitive skin easily tolerates the HydraFacial™ treatment. One of our skin management experts™ may choose specific treatment serums and collagen stimulating ingredients to customize the treatment for your unique skin condition and needs. During the consultation process, our skin management experts will evaluate if it is the right treatment for you.

How long does the treatment take? Is there any downtime or pain involved? The HydraFacial™ treatment is a fast, efficient treatment that takes as little as 15 minutes. The treatment is often described as a feeling like "a cool paintbrush moving over the face". You may put on make-up and return to your normal activities right after the treatment since there is no downtime.

What results may be expected? How many treatments? How long do results last? Many people report seeing visible skin refinement and radiant skin tone after just one treatment. The smooth results and hydration may last 5 to 7 days or even longer, although with the MD version, your cellular results will last one month. 1 treatment per month is recommended to maintain the results, however for more resurfacing, you may do a series of treatments bi-weekly.