Treating Under Eye Concerns

Under Eye concerns such as undereye bags and dark circles make you look older than you are, but removing them can brighten your eyes and refresh your entire face.   

Under-eye bags occur because of changes in the fat structure and a decline in skin elasticity, whereas dark circles may be caused by visible blood vessels, excess pigment, or fluid build-up beneath the eyes. 

At FACE, we understand that non-invasive procedures are effective treatments for the delicate under-eye area, and we only offer the most advanced options.  

What Treatment Options Are Available For Undereye Bags And Dark Circles

Micro-Tox™ Instant Facial: Micro-Tox™ is a combination treatment of neuromodulators and dermal fillers.  When injected into the superficial layer of skin below the eyes, Micro-Tox™ adds volume to the area and brightens the surrounding skin, which helps to correct under-eye bags and dark circles.

Facials & Peels: Facials and peels exfoliate the dead skin cells that give the skin a dull appearance and stimulate the growth of healthy, new tissue.  These treatments make the skin clearer and strengthen the skin below the eyes, making undereye bags and dark circles less prominent. 

Laser Facial Treatments: Laser facial treatments tighten the skin and stimulate collagen, which makes the skin firmer and stronger.  This helps to deflate undereye bags and lighten dark circles.

Dermal Fillers: Injecting dermal fillers into the tear trough (the area below the lower eyelid and above the cheek) restores volume to the area.  Increasing volume with a boost of filler smooths undereye bags and removes dark circles.

Thread Lifts: A thread lift typically involves the use of a PDO (polydioxanone) thread to tighten and lift sagging skin.  Lifting the skin reduces fat beneath the eyes, and helps to remove undereye bags. It also minimizes the appearance of dark circles.

Modern Lift: Modern Lift is a highly advanced aesthetic treatment available only at FACE.  It uses a combination of cosmetic injectables and energy-based devices to replenish volume in the skin.  Increasing volume in the tissues beneath the eyes helps to reduce undereye bags and dark circles.

UPNEEQ®: is the first eye drop that lifts the upper eyelid, while whitening and brightening your eyes for a more beautiful and youthful look, in just minutes.

Is There Any Downtime?

These are all minimally invasive treatments that require little to no downtime.

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