Synchronize Lift™

We have all heard of the Liquid Facelift, which is the use of Injectables to create volume in the face and fill in lines, and folds. Unfortunately, this only gets one aspect in the “Triangle of Aging™”. Our face is not one dimensional and in order to create true facial harmony, we need to address other aspects of the skin. The Synchronize Lift™ combines injectables with devices designed to restore collagen and elasticity to the skin, in a non-invasive and natural manner. Your skin will look at least a decade younger, all without surgery!

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FaceFit™ works individually with every client to achieve optimum skin health through a monthly maintenance regimen. Cellular level treatments help to halt skin aging and maintain youthful skin for years to come

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Face Pharmacy™

Our exclusive retail collection of skin products to individually address all your needs.

FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

Skin Society™

Skin Society™ is our exclusive membership program for people who are committed to improving their skin, but also concerned about keeping a budget. We know what it takes to keep up and maintain the health of the skin, so we would like to reward you for your investment in yourself, as well as acknowledge your support and loyalty to us at FACE. It’s always our priority to bring you the most advanced treatments, products, and service available, and we are honored to continue to serve you.

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Acnelase™ is a FACE exclusive innovation to revolutionize skin clarity using a multi-modality approach to the treatment of acne. Laser combinations of 1064nm and pico laser technology are combined with topical absorbers to get you the fastest clearance WITHOUT any downtime.

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Skin Checkup™

Online skincare consulting providing regimens to improve the appearance of the skin, designed by our Skin Management Experts™.

FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI


An internet point-based discount program rewarding clients for sharing their experience of our “skincare and wellness” services.

We believe our clients voices should be heard, as we love hearing about their transformation. We also believe it to be of value, to share that experience to touch the lives of those who wish to impact their skin and health as well. Our mission is to reach as many people as possible, as we only get one face, and one body, so it is one of the best investments we can ever make!