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How Many Emsculpt® NEO Sessions Do I Need?

Build muscle and burn fat in a 30-minute treatment! Emsculpt® NEO is FDA approved to tone and strengthen muscle while simultaneously eliminating fat. It uses two types of energy to give you the more toned, sculpted figure you’ve been working for. If someone you know has an amazingly lean, tight figure, Emsculpt® NEO might be their secret!


*Individual Results May Vary

What is Emsculpt® NEO?

Even people dedicated to a healthy lifestyle might need a boost to achieve their desired results. Emsculpt® NEO gives you a major push toward your aesthetic goals by using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) and Radiofrequency (RF) energies simultaneously. They combine to produce better results than either one by itself. 

How Does Emsculpt® NEO Work?

The HIFEM energy in Emsculpt® NEO uses electromagnetic energy to trigger muscle contractions. The muscles will contract as they would during a workout, but hundreds of times faster: 20,000 times in one treatment. Hours in the gym couldn’t give the same muscle-building effect that Emsculpt® NEO can in just 30 minutes. The RF energy travels harmlessly through the skin and disrupts fat cells so the body can remove them. In synergy, they are more powerful than either one alone. 

How Many Emsculpt® NEO Sessions Do I Need?

Each session will improve muscle tone and fat removal. Most people need at least four sessions to achieve maximum results from the treatment. Since neither form of energy causes any damage to the skin, you can safely have treatments a week apart. 

Where Can You Use Emsculpt® NEO?

You can have Emsculpt® NEO on many of the most hard-to-sculpt areas of your body. This includes the thighs, calves, upper arms, abdomen, and buttocks. These areas have large muscle groups that make a good target for toning and strengthening. They are also areas where we tend to hold onto accumulated fat and have trouble getting rid of it. 

What Results Will I See From Emsculpt® NEO?

Results will develop throughout your four sessions as your muscles respond to the stress by rebuilding and getting stronger. Fat loss can take up to three months as the body removes the damaged fat cells. Research has demonstrated that people can lose up to 30% of targeted fat and build 25% more muscle. You can maintain your results with a healthy lifestyle or enhance and improve them with a few sessions a year. 

Is There Any Downtime After Emsculpt® NEO?

Emsculpt® NEO does not require any downtime. Emsculpt® NEO removes lactic acid, the cause of post-workout muscle aches, so that you can return to your daily routine after treatment. The 30-minute treatment sessions fit into even a busy schedule, since you can get back to work afterward.  

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FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI
FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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