Reduce Redness, Broken Vessels and Acne Scarring

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that causes redness on the face. About 25% of our practice is helping people to manage their rosacea, as our success rate is high. Affecting millions of Americans, Rosacea commonly has a “butterfly” pattern that covers the nose and cheeks but may also include other areas, or progress to a condition called acne rosacea (papular rosacea). If left untreated, it usually progressively gets worse. Rosacea can also be an indication of a more serious medical problem, like lupus. We also encourage a holistic whole-body approach with renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Doug Cutler.

Holly Cutler, celebrity medical aesthetician also known as America’s Skin Saint™, rebuilt her own skin disfigured from cystic acne almost two decades ago, and has since created one of the most extensive rejuvenation clinics in the country, FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness. Her multi-award-winning clinic offers over 35 laser and facial machines, injectables, non-surgical facelifts, body makeovers, and wellness treatments by renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Doug Cutler. Holly has been a featured expert on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Doctors Show, and in several national publications. She has now launched her own highly anticipated and innovative skincare product line, The Skin Saint™, and the first national virtual skincare consulting company to help people all over the country who may not be able to access the services at her clinic.

What causes Rosacea?

Genetics, being fair-skinned, abnormalities in the vessels, Lupus, digestive issues, and the Demodex mite can make you already prone to rosacea, but then it can be triggered to flare it as well.

What triggers rosacea? 

Rosacea can be flared up by alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks, food sensitivities, exercise, hot or cold weather, sun damage, hot baths/ saunas, the wind, stress, menopause, harsh or inappropriate topical products, incorrect professional peels or treatments, gut disorders, and medications.

How can I prevent a flare-up?

A Food Sensitivity Panel and GI Panel by Dr. Doug Cutler of Cutler Integrative Medicine can help you to understand dietary triggers, and other sources of inflammation, and gut disorders, that can contribute to Rosacea externally. In addition, the emotions are an essential area to address as they directly also influence the gut and overall health, and can cause a rosacea flare.

What are the recommended in-office treatments for Rosacea?

AdvaTx Laser: The AdvaTx laser is a hybrid laser that can effectively eliminate broken capillaries, redness, hyperpigmentation, and more. Improvements to skin texture and completion can be seen within four to six treatment sessions. 

BBL: Broadband light treatments are very effective at diffusing redness in the skin. The recommended treatment regimen is typically three treatments, with three to four weeks separating each session. 

Glacial Rx: Glacial Rx uses Cryomodulation® technology to reduce rosacea and redness without discomfort to the skin. It is a great alternative to laser treatments!

excel® V: For the most extreme cases of rosacea, excel® V laser is a 3-in-1 punch for getting superficial redness, dermal redness, and broken capillaries all in one treatment. It is the most advanced laser on the market, and over 3 monthly treatments, the results give you a makeup without makeup flawless appearance to the skin.

Genesis Laser: The Genesis laser is designed to stimulate collagen production and reduce the redness associated with Rosacea. The long-wavelength laser makes this treatment safe for all skin types.

What skincare products should I avoid?

Scrubs, strong retinoids, any harsh cleanser, really active acid or chemically-based products, and chemical sunscreens should be avoided by patients with rosacea.

What skincare products should I use?

Gentle exfoliators (without beads), anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, physical sunblocks, anti-irritants, and other agents can be very beneficial in calming the skin and reducing the signs and symptoms of redness in the skin.

Should I address my health in addition to my skin?

Rosacea commonly has internal factors related to the external symptoms. We recommend seeing our nationally renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Doug Cutler, in addition to having our external treatment modalities which produce more longevity to the treatments.

Do any Skin Saint products help to soothe the skin?

DefenCell Comfort Cleanser is for Dry Rosacea. An anti-inflammatory cleanser which helps to calm and cool irritation. This milk cleanser aids in defending against sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, a harsh climate, and other environmental influences.

CleariCalm Clarifying Cleanser is a mild wash that addresses inflammation and redness which often accompany papular rosacea, psoriasis, or eruptive breakouts. Purifying Lilac Extract helps to regulate hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands while offering anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

SOS Serum:

  • Delisens Peptide Solution ameliorates the discomfort of nagging pain and itch occurring in sensitive skin by restoring damaged barrier integrity.
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-40 – Boosts skin barrier function.
  • Actiguard – Modulates the release of inflammatory mediators that cause irritation.
  • Arnica Extract – 15%– Offers anti-inflammatory and stimulating activity.

DefenCell Resistance Creme:

  • Delisens Solution – Is an innovative hexapeptide that relieves itching while helping sensitive skin to recover its physiological tolerance threshold. 
  • Arnica Extract – Offers anti-inflammatory and stimulating activity 
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-49 – Soothes sensitive skin boosting barrier function.

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