Restore Youth and Maintain Your Edge

Our industry has predominantly catered to women in the past. FACE has had many gentlemen come in with needs specific to their skin and how they aging, but afraid that some places do not understand their needs or arenʼt equipped to help them. Men want to look their best, but they donʼt want to look like a woman.

Surgical options, like facelifts, have not worked for men, nor has even eyebrow waxing when it is shaped like a woman’s brow. That is the reason men are turning to FACE and our exclusive Men’s Division. The modern man wants to look youthful, not done. Whether in sports, business, or leisure, our male clientele come from diverse backgrounds, all looking for the same thing – youth!

Why Choose FACE for Men’s Treatments?

Holly Cutler, celebrity medical aesthetician also known as America’s Skin Saint™, rebuilt her own skin disfigured from cystic acne almost two decades ago, and has since created one of the most extensive rejuvenation clinics in the country, FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness. Her multi award-winning clinic offers over 35 laser and facial machines, injectables, non-surgical facelifts, body makeovers, and wellness treatments by renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Doug Cutler. Holly has been a featured expert on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Doctors Show, and in several national publications. She has now launched her own highly anticipated and innovative skincare product line, The Skin Saint™, and the first national virtual skincare consulting company to help people all over the country who may not be able to access the services at her clinic.

What Treatments are Available for Men?

The following treatments are available for men at FACE:

BOTOX and Injectables: As we age, we can take on a more tired look. Injectables can refresh the look of the face, soften lines around the eyes and upper face, help with sunken under eyes or cheeks, and fill in folds within minutes and no downtime. Men can also receive the Micro-Tox facial with AquaGold, which is a FACE-Exclusive enhancement on traditional injectable treatments. 

DiamondGlow: DiamondGlow is an advanced deep clinical skin-resurfacing treatment that is the only treatment to combine exfoliation, extraction, and infusion simultaneously to improve skin health, function and appearance.

Laser Hair Removal: There has been a lack of innovation in the laser hair removal arena for the last decade, and FACE is proud to be the first to introduce the new and revolutionary Splendor X™. The Splendor X™ is the world’s first Hybrid Laser Hair Removal using an innovative blend of two wavelengths simultaneously.

Body Contouring: TruSculpt® 3D and TruSculpt iD is the newest advancement in circumferential reduction and non-surgical body sculpting that offers both long-lasting fat reduction and tightening all in a single session. FACE also offers Emsculpt, the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their body fat at the same time.

Laser Face Treatments: FACE has a wide variety of lasers at their state-of-the-art practice that are able to treat nearly any facial concern on any skin type. Your provider will work with you to determine which treatment is right for you.

RF Microneedling: FACE is the first in the US to have this amazing treatment! A powerful fractional RF micro-needling treatment that addresses fine lines, scarring, and firmness of the face and neck without the downtime of more strong laser treatments. In a series of 3 monthly treatments, you will look more youthful and rejuvenated.

HydraFacial: A more advanced facial resurfacing treatment to refine the look of a manʼs skin texture. Your pores will be smaller and cleansed, plus the face is infused with nutrients for a polished look.

miraDry Fresh: MiraDry is a quick non-invasive procedure that is the only FDA-cleared treatment for permanent reduction of underarm sweat, odor, and hair. The sweat glands don’t grow back once removed.

Cryo Facial: Localized Cryotherapy is cryogenically cooled air to the face to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin to increase circulation, increase elasticity, refine the texture, reduce inflammation, and stimulate collagen.



*Individual Results May Vary