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What is the Best Facial and Peel?

If you want a rejuvenated radiant complexion you must choose the right facial and peel. From RevePeel® to Enlighten® and Biorevitalization®, there are countless great choices to explore here. Each treatment option provides unique benefits and will deliver the results you want.


*Individual Results May Vary

About Celebrity Facials and Peels

Celebrity facials and peels provide patients with glowing complexions and skin that is red-carpet-worthy.

The facial and peel treatment options at FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness will ensure your skin looks younger and far more radiant. Celebrity skin expert, Holly Cutler, aka The Skin Saint, rebuilds skin at a cellular level with technology-driven treatments that include no pain and no downtime. The skin is resurfaced, oxygenated, nourished, and hydrated, visibly lifting and rejuvenating the tissue for a more glass skin look. 

The Best Facials

Regular cellular level facials can provide a wide range of face rejuvenation treatments. These are designed to address numerous skin concerns you may be experiencing. These treatments are also suitable for different types and textures of skin. 

5D Cryo Luxury Facial

The 5D Cryo Luxury Facial uses a total of five different technologies. It oxygenates, cools, exfoliates, infuses, and revives the skin. Collagen is renewed, and the skin instantly looks more radiant and plump. The whole process takes just 75 minutes. 

6-Layer Facial

The 6-Layer Facial is a luxury treatment designed for a wide range of skin issues including large pores, fine lines, and dry skin. Layer upon layer of collagen stimulants are combined with ultrasound technology to give you an immediately more youthful complexion. 

Acnelan Acne Facial

The professional Acnelan Acne Facial is a medical-grade treatment. The intensive procedure provides a deep clean of the skin surfaces and ensures that the functioning of the crucial pilosebaceous follicle is optimized. 

The Best Peels

Facial peels help to improve the tone and texture of your skin, Melasma and pigmentation, acne, and aging. FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness offers some of the latest and most effective peels on the market today. 

BioRevitalization Peel

The BioRevitalization Peel can be used to remove signs of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation or even stretch marks. The innovative treatment does not peel off the top layer of skin, but instead Bio Revitalizes it from inside out leading to smoother, brighter, younger, and tighter skin. 


As an advanced peel system,  RevePeel® can be used to reduce signs of acne, and even help to eliminate post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring. This is the most effective acne peel on the market, but be prepared for a week of peeling. 

Enlighten® Peel

The Enlighten® Peel is perfect if you want to remove melasma, pigmentation, and sun damage. In just two sessions you can dramatically brighten and improve your complexion. If you feel self-conscious about your skin tone this treatment could be right for you. 

Why You Should Get Regular Facials and/or Peels 

If you want to ensure that your skin retains its youthful appearance, removing issues that develop with your skin as you age, then regular facials and/or peels will be crucial.  FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness has a full list of facials and peels for you to choose from depending on the skin issues that you are experiencing. 

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FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is a multi award-winning beauty and wellness clinic, founded by skin expert Holly Cutler, also known as The Skin Saint

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