FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is a world-class beauty and wellness medical spa in Michigan

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness has become a world-class beauty and wellness medical spa in Michigan by utilizing its award-winning revolutionary technologies and proprietary therapies for self-betterment. Currently, with 45+ laser and facial technologies, injectables, body makeovers, and naturopathic medicine, FACE is known as “One of the most advanced Medspa’s in the US”- Forbes, and one of the only clinics to fully integrate the inner and outer self so extensively.

Almost two decades ago, Holly Cutler — also known as America’s Skin Saint™ — rebuilt her own skin, which had been disfigured by cystic acne. In the ensuing years, Holly has created one of the most extensive award-winning rejuvenation clinics in the country, offering 45+ laser and facial technologies, injectables, non-surgical facelifts, body makeovers, naturopathic medicine, and IV nutrient therapy. The clinic is headed by renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Doug Cutler, under the guidance of Dr. Lorna Thomaswho rejuvenates patients’ from an internal root-cause perspective, versus solely trying to suppress symptoms, to maximize their health and youth.

With her innovative Skin Management Model™ and her one-hour transformations, Holly Cutler has made a difference in the lives of thousands of patients who have not been helped elsewhere. She has been a featured expert on television networks including FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC, and has been seen on “The Doctors,” on Magazine covers, and in several national publications. Cutler launched her own highly anticipated and innovative skin care product line, The Skin Saint™, and her business is the first national virtual skin care consulting company to help people all over the country who do not have access to the services offered at her clinic. She is also looking forward to the publication of her new book, — a Skin Saint’s guide to perfect skin without surgery, makeup, or camera filters.

FACE is overseen by plastic surgeon, and medical director, Dr. Lorna Thomas.

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