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How Often Should You Get A HydraFacial® MD?

Continuing to grow in popularity, HydraFacial® MD treatments are gentle, effective, and treat a wide variety of skin issues. People love the glow they get from a HydraFacial®. Results last about a month, and many people choose to make HydraFacial® MD treatments a regular part of their skincare routine. 

How Does a HydraFacial® MD Work?

A HydraFacial® MD uses a three-step process unique to this treatment. While you may see other ads for “HydraFacial ” treatment, be aware that only the true “HydraFacial® MD” will achieve optimal results. HydraFacial® MD is only performed in the setting of a Medspa, using proprietary HydraFacial® devices in a medical setting. Medical spas are licensed to treat deeper into the skin than your average aesthetician in a day spa setting. This means when you get HydraFacial® MD, results can last a month as you are treated deep into the dermis.

Cleanse + Peel

During this step, your skin receives exfoliation to remove dull skin and a mild peel to refresh the skin’s surface and prepare it for the next step.

Extract + Hydrate

In this step, a vacuum-like wand applied to the skin pulls dirt, oil, and debris out of the pores to leave them looking smaller and tighter. At this point, the skin can accept all the benefits of the intense hydration applied to it. 

Fuse + Protect

In this stage, amino acids and peptides, along with specially selected serums, treat the skin to protect and care for it. Treatments can include anti-aging, skin brightening, or other formulas depending on the skin’s needs. 


*Individual Results May Vary

How Often Should I Have a HydraFacial®?

Monthly treatments work well for most people wanting to maintain their HydraFacial® appearance. For people in the process of treating hyperpigmentation, lines, and wrinkles, or acne scarring, biweekly treatments can speed up progress while remaining gentle to the skin. 

How Much Does a HydraFacial® Cost?

Costs for a HydraFacial® treatment can range from $199 to 300 on average, depending on your location, the provider’s experience and certifications, and other factors. For many people, a HydraFacial® serves as a  monthly pampering treatment to keep the skin looking luminous, vibrant, and clear. Costs also do not include extra treatments or serums applied during the treatment, so schedule a consultation to get a more accurate estimate. 

This estimate covers the full HydraFacial® MD treatment. If other providers offer their own version of a hydrafacial, costs may decrease significantly, but so will results. 

What Results Will I See From a HydraFacial® MD?

You will see glowing, hydrated results immediately after treatment. People with hyperpigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles will see these fade, especially after repeated treatments. People with congested skin or acne find that this treatment keeps pores clear, reduces acne breakouts, and keeps the skin calm and refreshed. 

Is There Any Downtime After a HydraFacial®?

Your face may look pink or red for half an hour to an hour after treatment. Your skin will look clearer, more hydrated, and more youthful right away, and you can go back to your regular activities. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a HydraFacial®?

This treatment works so gently that almost anyone can be a good candidate. People with acne will find this treatment beneficial, as will anyone wanting brighter, younger-looking skin.

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