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4 Reasons Why Microdermabrasion Is DEAD!

I remember back in 2000, microdermabrasion had become a household name.  The spa that I was working for and heading was getting calls frequently for it, and I convinced the owners they did not need it.  They put their trust in me then, and our spa department became one of the most successful in the state.  Still to this day, I have not done microdermabrasion since the 90’s.

But my doctor has it at his office….

I get new clients all the time, and all they have done at other offices is microdermabrasion.  I just have to wonder about that doctor and their true knowledge of skin.  Microdermabrasion is so basic and dated that it’s hard to believe people still spend their money on it.  The foundation of the most basic Medspa’s are a microdermabrasion machine, a hair removal laser, an IPL treatment (for brown spots and redness), and a basic peel.  The doctor will open up shop, and here they are, touting themselves as “skin expert”.

4 reasons you DO NOT want microdermabrasion:

It’s temporary

 With microdermabrasion, you will see a very temporary smoothing of the skin’s surface from exfoliating it, but it does nothing to change the skin on a cellular level.  So, it may look better for a few days, but your skin is still aging nevertheless. Other therapies, that treat deep into the skin not only last, but will create better skin, and healthier cells the more you do it.

It’s superficial

Microdermabrasion does nothing to deep pore cleanse.  You can scrape and scrape, but you are only treating superficially, and not within the pore. What good is exfoliation if you still have clogged pores, right?

It takes and doesn’t give much in return

You don’t want to exfoliate the skin without replenishing it.  Traditional microdermabrasion does not include infusion of therapeutic ingredients.  You MUST replenish what you take away.  With the newly exposed and vulnerable skin, infusion therapy protects, stimulates collagen, and provides the nutrients the skin needs.

It’s irritating

Microdermabrasion only uses manual (scraping), versus chemical exfoliation.  I love chemical exfoliation because it is actually treating skin on a completely cellular level which affects the aging process and can help fine lines, sun damage, discoloration, acne, and more!

So why would you consider microdermabrasion after knowing all this?  The answer is…you wouldn’t.  There are so many more options for you to put your money towards good use with us professionals than microdermabrasion.  Using a good exfoliant at home, including microderm scrubs, can replace its professional counterpart and have you focus on lasting and cellular level treatments with us.

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is a multi award-winning beauty and wellness clinic, founded by skin expert, Holly CaSaroll. Almost two decades ago, CaSaroll rebuilt her own skin, disfigured from cystic acne, and has since created one of the most extensive skin clinics in the US, offering 30 laser and facial machines, liquid facelifts, and body makeovers. Based on her innovative Skin Management Model™, CaSaroll has helped thousands not helped elsewhere.  Also known as the “Skin Guru”, she has been a featured expert on Channel 4, FOX, Comcast, Covers of Magazines, CBS, NBC, ABC, and in several publications, as well as has a monthly column in MY Magazines’s “Ask the Expert”, and is on the panel of experts for The SEEN magazine. The wellness division, headed by Dr. Doug Cutler, a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, finds the root cause of imbalances in the body to create overall well-being from the inside out. To see what FACE can do for you, please visit


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FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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