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The Skin Saint’s Guide to the Best Products For Dry Skin

Fall is here and with the changing of the seasons you may notice that your skin is getting drier. Don’t worry, The Skin Saint is here to help you save face, and I’m going to share with you some of my favorite products to help keep your skin plump, hydrated and glowing all year round!

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Cleanser (AM/PM)

Every skincare routine starts with a cleanser! 

My Betazyme Cleanser is my all time favorite all around cleanser. It’s amazing for all skin types and perfect for daily use with enzymes and a light acid that brightens and gently exfoliates the skin. 

Multi‑Active Cleanser is great for those with more dry skin that want gentle acids to aid in their daily routine.

Defencell Cleanser is an anti‑inflammatory cleanser that helps to calm and cool irritation if you have dry, sensitive skin with a compromised barrier.

Lavender Luxury Cream Cleanser is calming with a beautiful lavender scent that is great to use in the morning. Use a different cleanser in the evening for double-duty results!

Glycolic Acid (PM)

Next you’ll want to incorporate a medical‑grade Glycolic Acid product into your regular routine. Glycolic Acid is great for dry skin because it hydrates the skin and helps your skin retain it’s natural moisture. It also has other amazing benefits like improving skin firmness and repairing sun damage.

For Glycolic Acid try out my Glycolic Micro‑Peel Pads or Glycolic Refining Mousse.

Glycolic Micro‑Peel Pads are a 10% formula to refine your skin’s texture and fine lines, help clear acne and improve pore appearance with the glycolic acid at a low pH (3.5), and added hydrating peptides and botanical extracts.

Glycolic Refining Mousse contains 15% Glycolic Acid to correct visible signs of photoaging including dull, rough skin. This extra‑strength but gentle formula improves the overall complexion and smooths fine lines and wrinkles for more mature skin.

Retinol (PM)

Retinol / Retinoids are a great skincare ingredient for dry skin. It improves skin texture and tone, helps fight acne, and stimulates collagen production as well as cell turn over. Use lower concentrations of retinol to avoid further drying of the skin.  

My Tretinol 1% Renewal Serum contains Patented Retinoid Complex (Tretinol®) and E encapsulated with a proprietary Trans‑Epidermal Carrier to maximize the effectiveness of Retinol’s anti‑aging benefits, dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases as well as brightens the skin.

Repair Serum (AM/PM)

Use a serum or two to get extra goodness into your skin every day. Serums are lightweight on the skin but contain high concentrations of active ingredients. They also absorb quickly into the skin and lock in moisture.

From my line, I recommend the Amplify HA Serum for dehydrated skin, and the Bioidentical Barrier Serum for dry, flaky skin.

Amplify HA Serum is a firming serum that instantly quenches skin with hydrating AcquaCelll, snow mushroom extract , and hyaluronic acid. It delivers intense 24‑hour moisture plus 360° antioxidant protection from visible signs of aging.

Bioidentical Barrier Serum contains antioxidants, Vitamins E and F, as well as contains Glycolipids to restore the skin’s natural protective lipid barrier. It also contains the strongest antioxidant, Lipochroman® to help correct and protect skin from environmental aging. Provides instant glow and smoother, plumper skin.

Nourishing Cream/ Moisturizer (AM/PM)

Now for one of the most important parts of a dry skin skincare routine ‑ MOISTURIZER! Moisturizer not only prevents dryness but helps you look younger and can help prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and discoloration. Moisturizer is recommended for all skin types but is especially important for those with dry skin, especially if you have flaking, dullness or rough patches.

I have three amazing options in The Skin Saint line ‑ Holy Grail Cream, DefenCell Cream and Marine Miracle Cream.

Holy Grail Cream is a real life Fountain of Youth! It stimulates elastin, smooths fine lines, tightens, firms and fortifies moisture deficient skin. It even slightly exfoliates too! 

DefenCell Resistance Creme offers exceptional hydration and skin conditioning benefits to those who experience sensitivity, redness and feelings of tightness. This peptide‑rich formula contains a wide range of natural source actives, including Arnica, which focus on typical concerns that result from diminished barrier function, environmental aggression and allergenic‑prone skin.

Marine Miracle Cream is an antioxidant moisturizer containing the strongest antioxidant, Lipochroman® to help reverse and prevent visible aging changes. Peptides and brighteners visibly improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots, and forms the skin. Yep, that’s why we call it a miracle!

Sunscreen (AM)

I’m sure you knew it was coming ‑ SPF! You don’t get to skip it just because you have dry skin. Use one with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides. You already know that SPF helps fight sun damage, so that also helps prevent premature signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Dry skin or not, just promise you won’t skip it!

So, which do I recommend for dry skin? My Pure Physical SPF 47, Pure Physical Tinted SPF 44 and Antioxidant Sport Defense SPF 50.

Pure Physical SPFs are broad‑spectrum sunscreens that are gentle and lightweight, and excellent for dry skin. They create a moisture barrier, preventing water from evaporating from the skin’s surface. Get the tinted version so you can skip foundation!

Antioxidant Sport Defense SPF 50 is a lightweight, fast absorbing sunscreen that hydrates the skin without feeling greasy or heavy. 

Treatment Cream (PM)

You can definitely use your favorite moisturizer at night but you might want to use a treatment cream once or twice a week that gives you hydration, AND exfoliation, if you have really dry skin, or can’t tolerate stronger retinoids. A luxurious night treatment cream will give you extra hydration all night long, leading to soft, smooth and hydrated skin in the AM!

I love my Overnight Facial Complex. It’s a nighttime treatment moisturizer that contains retinoids, Lipochroman™, and CoQ10 to reverse the signs of aging quickly!

Youth Luxury Dream Kit

Dry skin can be difficult to manage, but with the proper products you can do it!

Don’t know what you need? Check out my Youth Luxury Dream Kit, which contains 6 luxury medical grade skincare essentials that will increase your skin’s radiance, quenching your skin’s hydration, while plumping and smoothing with skin mimicking oils within 24 hours by stimulating collagen and brightening skin.

"Best of the Best"

FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI
FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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Find all products listed in this guide at or at my medical spa @facemedspa.

And if you have any other questions about how to treat dry skin, send me a DM! I’m always here to help. 😇

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