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Why You Need to Add Skincare Pads to Your Regular Routine

Masks are great, but if you add pads to your regimen, you can take your skin to a whole new level. I’m obsessed with all the skincare pads in my Skin Saint line because they deliver my client’s results closest to in-office peels. If you’re looking for fast-acting, powerful skincare that’s also so easy to use, you’ve come to the right place!

What makes skincare pads so great?

  • They’re convenient! All pads are pre‑soaked with powerful active ingredients to make a big difference in less time
  • They’re medical grade! You know you’re giving your skin the best of the best when you use Skin Saint products.
  • They’re eco‑friendly! Although they’re disposable, all my products are safe to the environment.

With six different types available, you’re sure to find something to suit your skin needs. Let’s take a look at them!

The Acne Eraser: Triple Action Acne Pads

Acne won’t know what hit it with my Triple‑Action Acne Pads! Formulated with a unique combination of Salicylic Acid 2%, Glycolic Acid 5%, and Lactic Acid 5%, these pre‑soaked pads deliver a gentle micro‑chemical peel to exfoliate and correct problem acne and prevent future breakouts. You’ll be left with cleaner, clearer, blemish‑free skin with less inflammation.

  • Blemish fighting complexes eliminate impurities
  • Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids deliver a micro‑peel to stimulate cellular turnover
  • Softens and soothes acne‑prone, inflamed skin while reducing irritation and redness
  • Contains soothing botanicals including yeast, horse chestnut, licorice, olive, ivy, burdock, and clary sage extracts
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The Lightener: HQ 2% Lightening Pads

Have some stubborn hyperpigmentation? Try my HQ 2% Lightning Pads with a concentration of Hydroquinone with botanicals that delivers aggressive and effective results. These pads stop the formation of new melanin to correct uneven skin tone, leaving you with a smoother, more even complexion. Hydroquinone has long been the gold standard for treating pigment‑related issues and is the featured ingredient in these convenient pads.

  • Lightens and brightens the overall complexion and corrects uneven skin tone
  • Helps fade liver spots, freckles, and other skin discoloration by prohibiting new melanin formation
  • Functions as highly effective pre and post-treatment for in‑office procedures
  • The easy application delivers the correct amount of product to your skin

*Note: hydroquinone products can only be used for three months at a time. Then oscillate to non HQ formula.

The Illuminizer: IllumiBright Pads

I brought the best anti‑aging and skin brightening agents together in my IllumiBright Pads. Can be purchased hydroquinone‑free, or for very advanced pigment cases, up to 8% hydroquinone can be added for clients of our clinic (virtual or in-person). 

Contains clinically‑proven botanical skin brightening agents, antioxidants, and skin soothers to visibly brighten uneven skin tone, revitalize dull skin and relieve irritated skin. A cocktail of ingredients utilizes their natural abilities to improve signs of aging, provide antioxidant protection and reduce redness and irritation for a more radiant, youthful complexion.

  • Brightens and revitalizes dull skin
  • Contains a powerful blend of botanical skin brighteners, antioxidants, and skin‑replenishing ingredients including Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Bearberry, White Mulberry, Green Tea, and Milk Thistle
  • Visibly improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin and improves signs of aging
  • Helps maintain an even skin tone

*Note: hydroquinone products can only be used for three months at a time. Then oscillate to non HQ formula.

The At‑Home Peel: Glycolic Micro‑Peel Pads

Peel away the unwanted layers at home with my Glycolic Micro‑Peel Pads. Over the course of 70‑minutes, this micro peel with glycolic acid at low pH (3.5), hydrating peptides, and botanical extracts will smooth your texture, refine your pores, help breakouts, help dull dry skin, and help reduce fine lines.

  • Gently removes dead cell build-up on the surface to improve luminosity and even tone
  • Lessens the appearance of fine lines with continued use
  • Can be used as a wash‑off or leave‑on product
  • Helps clear acne breakout by preventing new acne and dissolving existing dead cell plugs in pores

The Time Stopper: Retinol Renewal Pads 0.25%

If you’re new to Retinol, starting out with a lower dose like in my Retinol Renewals Pads 0.25% is a great way to acclimate your skin! These pads reduce the appearance and occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate cellular regeneration and improve overall skin tone. They’re also antioxidant-rich, so they give you protection from the environment including free radicals and sun damage, which both cause premature aging in the skin. 

  • Concentrated and encapsulated form of Retinol effectively delivered to the skin with a proprietary Transepidermal Carrier
  • Reduces melanin synthesis by 80%
  • Visibly brightens the skin, assisting lighteners, resulting in a radiant and improved skin tone
  • Contains antioxidants that penetrate the skin 50 times more effectively than L‑Ascorbic Acid to reduce melanin synthesis, age spots and UV‑induced pigmentation

The Head‑to‑Toe Solution: Face + Body Peel Prep Pads

Don’t forget to show your body some love too! My Face + Body Peel Prep Pads use high-dose Retinol (double the strength of my Retinol pads), while providing antioxidants for protection against environmental stressors such as free radicals and sun damage. Firm up, smooth, refine, brighten, and get rid of sun damage from head‑to‑toe.

  • Concentrated and encapsulated form of Retinol .05% effectively delivered to the skin with a proprietary Transepidermal Carrier to more results
  • Improves the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces melanin synthesis by 80%
  • Visibly brightens the skin resulting in a radiant and improved complexion
  • Contains an antioxidant complex that provides superior protection against free radicals, pollutants, and sun damage

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