What is Juvéderm VOLUX™ XC filler?

The new Juvéderm Voluxis the first hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler specifically
formulated and FDA-approved for use in the jawline and chin. Volux filler can be used to
improve facial harmony by strengthening the lower face, softening jowls, improving double
chins, or producing a stronger and more defined jawline. Volux is a highly cohesive,
hyaluronic acid-based gel filler, and the 6th product to be added to the collection of Juvéderm

What make Juvéderm VOLUX XC filler different or unique?

Voluxis composed of a hyaluronic acid gel, with an added benefit of a small amount of
lidocaine, that helps to improve the comfort of injections. The proprietary VYCROSS®
technology is used in Volux to cross-link the hyaluronic acid particles for an ideal “lifting”
texture, cohesivity, and long-lasting results. The consistency of Volux filler is perfect for
defining weak features and adding firmness to sagging areas.

What’s the difference between Juvéderm VOLUXvs. other fillers?

While products like Juvéderm Voluma and Restylane® Lyft can be effectively used to enhance
the jawline, Juvéderm Volux contains a thicker, more cohesive hyaluronic acid (HA) formula
than currently-available HA fillers. Unlike Voluma (a medium-weight filler, best used in the
cheek or chin area) or Volbella (specially created for the lips), Volux is surprisingly dense,
almost mimicking bone. That’s why the jawline is the perfect area for it.

How does Juvéderm VOLUXXC work?

Voluxfiller has a uniquely dense formula, which means it can be easily and precisely
sculpted, which creates stronger lines and more definition than softer materials, leading to a
more firm and defined jawline. The long-lasting effects mean you’ll need the procedure less
often than other dermal fillers, saving you time and money.
A key ingredient in Juvéderm Volux is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural humectant already
in our skin, as well as in areas like joints and around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin
plump and elastic, but we lose the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin and body as we age. The
hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm Volux plays a pivotal role in keeping the jawline firm and plump,
counteracting any sagging one may experience from aging.

How long does Juvéderm VOLUX XC last?

Because AviClear™ keeps the skin cool and only targets the sebum-producing cells, you will have no downtime after treatment. You can resume all of your usual activities, although you should always protect your skin from the sun after any laser treatment

What result can I expect from Juvéderm VOLUX XC?

95% of people who have already used Juvederm VoluxTM say they’re satisfied with the
improvement to their jawline. The treatment only takes a few minutes, with any swelling
dramatically improved within 48 hours. Juvederm VoluxTM filler gives you amazing results with
very little disruption to your schedule. This means you can enjoy your new look almost

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