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Are you ready to restore life to your skin? The Oxygeneo™ super facial is a breakthrough treatment for aging, dull and dehydrated skin to restore its youth and give you an all-around healthier look and feel. 

What is Oxygeneo™?

The unique Oxygeneo™ applicator, called Capsugen, is composed of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. When this comes into contact with an exclusive gel of natural active ingredients, the effect generates CO2. The Oxygeneo™ technology produces a kinetic force that optimizes this chemical reaction generating countless minute CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin’s surface. The applicator then degases the CO2 bubbles from the gel and infuses them into the epidermis creating increased tissue oxygenation, optimal penetration, increased blood flow, the presence of oxygen-rich blood in the area, and elevated cell metabolism. This process is called the Bohr effect.

Am I a Candidate?

All types of skin, except Rosacea, can have treatment with Oxygeneo™. It’s important to have a skin analysis prior to make sure it is the correct treatment for you.

What is a Typical Treatment Like?

Oxygeneo™ treats the texture of the skin, while simultaneously creating metabolic changes in the deeper tissues. Infusion, oxygenation, circulation and collagen stimulation make Geneo™ unparalleled in its results. Oxygeneo™ is a wonderful alternative to someone who doesn’t do well with acid-based peels or prefers a different approach. Oxygeneo™ can exfoliate and oxygenate the tissue safely, all without the photosensitivity of acid peels.

What Results Will I See?*

Patients can expect to see an improvement in the following conditions: 

You can benefit from one session, or have a series of
six sessions spaced two weeks apart.

Is There Any Downtime?*

There is no downtime associated with the Oxygeneo™ treatment. 

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*Individual Results May Vary