Oxylight® by Sapphire 3® Facial

Experience Revolutionary Anti-Aging Results

Oxylight® by Sapphire 3® is a revolutionary and innovative technology that FACE is one of the first to bring to Michigan. The facial treatment is multi-modality including LED panels oxygen, microcurrent, negative pressure, ultrasound, resurfacing, and more.

Cellular-level facials provide powerful, multi-modality treatments for an unsurpassed result in facial treatments. This facial will leave your skin transformed in just an hour, resulting in less visible pores, tighter skin, smoother texture, less inflammation and acne, improved texture and tone, and more!

What is Oxylight® by Sapphire 3®?

Oxylight® by Sapphire 3® has several different LED and therapeutic features that all work together to create completely revitalized skin for nearly any skin type. 

Blue LED

The most preferred alternative solution for treating mild acne vulgaris; thereby inducing photo-excitation bacterial porphyrins, single oxygen production, and subsequent bacterial destruction. Laboratory studies have shown that blue light therapy offers extensive benefits to the lymph vessels.

Yellow LED

Partially permeates the dermis layer; thereby, improving cell elasticity through increased collagen production in the damaged area restoring normal levels; and increases lymphatic flow to clear toxins, waste products, and other inorganic substances.


Aids in the stimulation of skin cells; thereby, triggering the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a major energy source for most human cells; and stimulating fibroblasts in the connective tissue which are responsible for collagen production, the essential protein that functions to hold cells together and promote skin elasticity and firmness.

Myolight Stimulation with Light Therapy

Offering a unique application that combines both light and microcurrent technologies in the same setting; thereby, working on a cellular level to help stimulate muscle toning, blood circulation, and lymphatic flow; aiding in restoring the body’s own natural current; and, increasing ATP production, protein synthesis & amino acid transport through different layers of skin.

Oxygen Therapy

The Oxylight® injects pure oxygen through the 12 nozzles on the light panel. The patient is exposed to full-spectrum LED light and oxygen simultaneously to improve the overall appearance of the skin. There is also an option of infusing active products (e.g. serums and vitamins). Oxygen High-Pressure Spray uses a pulsed injection method to deliver high-pressure, pure oxygen with the highest efficiency and precision on scars, wrinkles, and acne. Well-suited for pre- and post-surgery and laser procedures, acne, and anti-aging treatments. 

Our ambient air is made up of approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and about 1% argon and some other trace gasses. The Oxylight® oxygen concentrator extracts the oxygen from ambient air and bypasses the other gasses and moisture, accumulates the oxygen and thus provides a continuous stream of highly concentrated oxygen.


The Biosonix Ultrasound is an innovative handpiece that is coupled with full Spectrum LED light and Ultrasound waves. The physiological benefits are categorized as thermal and non-thermal. The physiological benefits of Biosonix non-thermal modalities and phonophoresis are the stimulation of lymph flow and tissue fluids. A benefit of the ultrasound is that it has the capability of delivering serums and nutrients through the skin via a process known as phonophoresis.

Negative Pressure Therapy

Using a roll ball probe paired with negative pressure delivers deep massage for the connective tissue and lymph system to strengthen functions of tissue, promote blood circulation, and remove extra liquids and toxins.


Diamond Abrasion is an application that utilizes crystal-free micro-abrasion. The application comprises a handpiece utilizing suction via a wide range of diamond encrusted tips with ergonomic designs that are shaped to fit the face, eyes, lips, and body promoting a deeper, more thorough exfoliation which is vacuumed to multiple filtration systems resurfacing and polishings the skin with no downtime.

Am I A Good Candidate For Oxylight®?

You may be a good candidate for Oxylight® if you struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, enlarged or clogged pores, sagging skin or lymphatic drainage. All types of skin and all ethnicities can have the Oxylight® treatment. Rosacea should proceed with caution and have a skin analysis prior.

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take? 

Oxylight® facials take only one hour to complete.

What Results Will I See?*

Patients who receive the Oxylight® facial can expect clear, celebrity glowing skin. You will see a difference just from the first visit. However, for cumulative results, it is best to have a series of 5-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart. Maintenance treatments may follow once a month.

Is There Any Downtime?* 

There is no downtime to this treatment. The only side effect is celebrity-quality, glowing skin within an hour.

How does the Oxylight® by Sapphire 3® compare to other FACE facials?

The Oxylight® by Sapphire 3® is an all-in-one multi-modality device for overall anti-aging. This treatment is wonderful for a more broad approach to skin rejuvenation. Our other exclusive celebrity facials are customizable for more individualized care, to meet a broad range of skin complaints and imbalances.

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*Individual Results May Vary