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Do you struggle with sagging skin and searching to better define your features? The Cutera Titan uses infrared light to stimulate collagen formation underneath your outer layer of skin in order to give a tighter look over time. 

What is Titan Skin Tightening? 

Titan is part of our 3D laser therapy that covers tightening, sun damage, and texture, all in one effective treatment. Titan is a revolutionary treatment that helps patients achieve firmer skin and increase their confidence. 

Am I a Candidate?

The Titan treatment can be used on all skin types and ethnicities. Titan is perfect for anyone who is looking to start tightening and lift their jowls, neck, cheeks, and forehead. We prefer this treatment for someone in their 30s or 40s who are not quite ready, or not a candidate for, the other advanced tightening procedures. You should not have treatment if you are pregnant or have been on Accutane within the past 6 months. It is also not for more moderate to severe laxity, as we have other treatments for more advanced cases of lack of elasticity.

What is a Typical Treatment Like? 

Titan utilizes a pulsed broadband infrared light source of 850nm-3000nm.  These light energies can be used to heat deeper layers of the skin while protecting the surface of the skin. This heating activates fibroblasts signaling new collagen to form (thickening the skin) and existing collagen to contract and tighten for the following several months.

What Results Will I See?*

Best results may be seen 1-3 months post a series of treatments, as it takes this time for our collagen to rebuild. Results in neck, midface, and forehead laxity with be improved over several months, potentially up to a year.

Improvement with Titan may be seen in three to four treatments. Although in some people the results from treatment are seen immediately, in most patients they will appear gradually over 3-6 months.

Is There Any Downtime?*

Titan has no downtime and you can return to your normal activities the same day. Immediately after the treatment, there may be some redness, which usually dissipates within the hour. You are able to apply makeup or sunscreen immediately after the procedure and go back to your daily activities as this is a no-downtime procedure.

How does Titan compare to other tightening devices?

Titan is a great introductory tightening treatment. If laxity is more moderate to severe, we recommend Ultherapy or Arvati by Thermi.

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*Individual Results May Vary