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FACE’s Guide to Injectables

If you know us, you know we’re big on injectables! And not to brag but we are in the top 1% of the nation for injectables. 

With so many injectable options on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to know what is used where! Many people don’t even realize how many injectable technologies and solutions there are! Now you can be in‑the‑know as we’re here to help with this handy guide breaking down what injectable is best for your goals.

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Botox for muscle‑based lines & contouring.

Botox is one of our most popular injectables. It’s claim to fame comes from how it relaxes the muscles it’s injected into, by interrupting the nerve impulses to the muscles.

What are the benefits to this?

  • Creates a smoother, more youthful appearance, with diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Works preventatively ‑ the injected muscles can’t move until Botox wears off, so lines and wrinkles are pushed off
  • Results are in a week and there is no downtime

Botox is also incredibly versatile and can be injected all over the face and neck. Some of the most popular places to use Botox are:

  • Forehead and frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Lip Flip
  • DAO’s (lifts downturn smile back up)
  • Nefertiti Neck Lift
  • Chin to prevent orange peel appearance
  • Low face to slim and contour 

These are just a FEW of the amazing ways Botox can be used. Take a look at @theskinsaintofficial’s Botox 101 guide for more info on what it can achieve!

Dermal fillers for lift and volume.

Know what goes great with Botox? Some filler! 

They’re one of our favorite injectable power couples!

There are many different types of fillers that can be used in multiple different ways. They contain ingredients that add fullness and volume to the areas they’re injected into. Fillers aren’t permanent but many last a year, with some lasting 1.5‑2 years. They’re a quick way to make changes to your face that can subtly enhance your natural beauty.

Some of our favorite places for filler are:

  • Lips ‑ create a pillowy pout. Keep it natural though! Nobody likes duck lips
  • Cheeks ‑ highlight your cheekbones to contour the face back to a desired upside down V shape 
  • Low face ‑ define the chin forward by extending the chin slightly
  • Jaw ‑ define the jawline for a more sculpted and chiseled look
  • Tear trough ‑ fill in the hollows under your eyes for a brighter, and more youthful complexion
  • Nasolabial folds ‑ fill in creases and folds for a more youthful look
  • Marionette Lines ‑ plump out the jowl to give a more tight and contoured look
  • Neck ‑ stimulate collagen production and fill lines that come with age

Filler is great for those who love instant gratification, and is a fun way to tweak your look for the time being, since it isn’t permanent!

Threads for global and specific lifting.

You know we love our PDO threads! Threads are dissolvable sutures that are inserted into strategic places under the skin to lift, pull and tighten. They’re less invasive than surgery, give an immediate lift that lasts up to a year and can be paired with Botox and filler. 

Historically, threads have been seen as being for more mature skin but now the game has totally changed! Clients in their 20s and 30s are getting them to accentuate parts of their face in a less invasive way than surgery.

Some of the hottest looks that can be achieved with threads include:

  • Fox or cat eyes
  • Snatched & defined jawline
  • Lifted brows
  • Smoother neck lines, neck lift
  • Lifted nasolabial folds
  • Lip lift

Threads are a LOT of fun and super versatile. If you’d like to learn even more about what they can do, check out @theskinsaintofficial’s PDO Thread Lifts 101 guide.

PRP for overall rejuvenation and small imperfections.

PRP, aka Platelet Rich Plasma, is the liquid portion of the blood that mainly consists of growth factors, stem cells, proteins, and platelets. Your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the plasma, then it is injected to stimulate collagen, leaving you with 10‑12% thicker skin! It can also help rebuild scars, lines and texture.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of PRP!

  • Can be used in places that filler can’t (ex. mid forehead)
  • Amazing for helping under eye circles
  • Stimulates hair growth when used in the scalp
  • Uses your OWN plasma so no need to worry about adverse reactions
  • Stimulates collagen & elastin production and creates new skin cells
  • Can be used with microneedling to treat wrinkles, texture, and scars

Want to learn more about PRP? Check out our guide all about it!

Kybella for contouring & slimming fat. 

Hate that double chin but don’t want to go under the knife? Kybella might be the answer you’re looking for! 

This FDA‑Approved injection is used in the “double chin” area to dissolve fat and contour the neck and jawline. This non‑invasive procedure improves your overall jawline contour in about 3‑4 weeks after the injection. 2‑4 sessions spaced one month apart are recommended for most people.

Expect noticeable swelling for a week. Other side effects include bruising, pain, numbness and redness. A small temporary price to pay to lose that double chin!

Micro‑Tox for instant glass skin.

If you like going to bed and waking up more perfect the next morning, then Micro‑Tox was made for you! 

Micro‑Tox creates glowing, glasslike skin within days by infusing a cocktail of neuromodulators, filler, vitamins, or PRP. It’s almost like a selfie skin filter that reduces pores, oil, fine lines and redness while increasing hydration in just minutes!

With no pain or downtime, you’ll see results within 24‑48 hours of treatment and results last 4‑8 weeks. We recommend at least 4 treatments a year to keep that glass skin glow! 

Sculptra for lift & volume.

Get the round plump booty of your dreams with Sculptura! 

This injectable uses PLLA (poly‑L‑lactic Acid) which is biocompatible with your skin, and unlike other fillers it stimulates your collagen, AND lasts longer. It takes time to see results, but it’s worth waiting for! 

Sculptra restores lost volume, plumps up the flatness in your derrière, and gives you a more youthful full apple bottom. It can also be used in the face, neck and chest, though many prefer HA fillers in the face because they can be reversed. 

Sculptra is a Biostimulant which induces your own fresh collagen to grow around the product by triggering an inflammatory response in your body, whereas hyaluronic acid‑based fillers just pump more volume into your skin without the collagen stimulation. 

Pro Tip: Want lift and plumping? Pair with EmSculpt Neo for an even fuller shape. 

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