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How Long Does Dysport® Last?

Do frown lines between your brows make you look tired or older? Dysport® can smooth these lines, leaving you looking more youthful and relaxed. This anti-wrinkle treatment gives you natural-looking results, so you never look “overdone.” 

What is Dysport®?

Dysport® is a wrinkle-relaxing neurotoxin related to the well-known Botox®. It offers some advantages over Botox®, including faster results. It targets the vertical lines between your brows. These glabellar lines, also called the “11s”, form over years of frowns and other facial expressions. At first, these lines only appear when you frown, but over time they will remain even when your face is resting. 

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How Does Dysport® Work?

Dysport® works using botulinum toxin. When injected into the muscles that cause frown lines, Dysport® stops the nerves from telling the muscles to contract. Nerves use a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to communicate with muscles, and Dysport® blocks its release so your facial muscles can relax. Without muscle tension, your skin no longer has to hold its creased position, and your frown lines will become smooth and even. 

How Long Does Dysport® Last?

Like other botulinum neurotoxin products, Dysport® usually lasts three to four months. Despite being labeled a neurotoxin, Dysport® does not harm muscles or nerves. When it wears off, the blocked signals will become active again, and your muscles will contract. That means your frown lines will also return, so many people choose to have Dysport® regularly to maintain their results and keep wrinkles from getting worse. 

What is Dysport® Treatment Like?

Most people feel only a few small pinches during Dysport® treatment. We use ice as a topical anesthetic and to reduce the possibility of bruising from the injections. Your injections will take as little as five to ten minutes. If you have switched from Botox® to Dysport®, the process will feel familiar. If you are new to wrinkle relaxers, you may be surprised by how little discomfort you feel. While results from Botox® take up to a week to appear, you can enjoy your Dysport® results within a day or two

Is There Any Downtime With Dysport®?

You can return to work or your usual routine as soon as your finish your Dysport® injections. You will not require any downtime. You may notice some bruising or redness around the injection sites, but you can expect this to fade within a few days. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Dysport®?

If you have ever had Botox®, you should also be a good candidate for Dysport®. Ideal candidates have moderate to severe frown lines between their brows. You should not have Dysport® if you have had a reaction to similar products, have certain neuromuscular conditions, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI
FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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