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How Long Does EmSculpt NEO® Last?

Individuals keen to improve the look and feel of their body should consider the EmSculpt NEO®. This treatment can be used to ensure significant fat loss and allow individuals to achieve muscle tone. The treatment delivers impressive results and allows patients to sculpt their body to match that of Instagram stars and celebrities.


*Individual Results May Vary

How EmSculpt NEO® Works

EmSculpt NEO® works using non-invasive HIFEM® technology which causes deep and powerful muscle contractions. These are not achievable through voluntary movements. The strong contractions cause the muscle tissue to adapt. This leads to a deep remodeling which sculpts the rest of the body. As well as this, the radio frequency heats the muscle, preparing them for exposure to stress. This replicates the impact of a warm up before a workout. This is equal to 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes!

The increased temperature causes the fat cells that are unwanted to become permanently damaged. Studies suggest that this can lead to a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a muscle volume increase of more than 25%! The entire procedure lasts just 30 minutes and is completed over a series of 4 treatments. 

How Long Will My EmSculpt NEO® Results Last?

With the support of a trained professional EmSculpt NEO® provides permanent changes to the body. The unwanted fat cells are permanently destroyed and won’t return while the muscle sculpting can be maintained. 

However, for this to occur, patients need to continue a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating the right diet and ensuring that you exercise regularly. Instead, you can maintain the desired results achieved by this innovative treatment. 

Benefits of EmSculpt NEO®

There are numerous benefits of the EmSculpt NEO® treatment. After just 4 treatments you will see noticeable improvements that won’t disappear overtime as long as you keep up with the recommended maintenance routine. This is also a fast and effective solution. The results can be seen after just one 30-minute treatment session. The procedure also has virtually no downtime. 

Most people find that the EmSculpt NEO® treatment feels like a workout. During treatment you can lie down and relax. Instead, patients simply feel a warm pulsing sensation. The treatment can also be adjusted to match the requirements of the individual. 

Am I a Candidate for EmSculpt NEO®?

Both men and women can benefit from EmSculpt NEO®. Age is also not a defining factor however it is recommended that you are no more than 30 pounds from your ideal body weight. The treatment can be used for patients with a BMI up to 35. Patients will also need to ensure that they commit to a diet, exercise and resistance training routine. 

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FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI
FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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