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How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

For people who want freedom from waxing, shaving, epilating, and other methods of hair removal, laser hair removal treatments offer hair-free skin with no more expensive, uncomfortable, and very temporary methods. If you’re ready to see smooth skin without stubble or hair, laser hair removal may solve your problem. 

Birmingham Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Hair follicles spend part of their lives in an active state, when they grow hair, and a resting state where they have no hair growth. Laser hair removal targets hair in the active state only. As a result, people need several treatments to catch all of the hair follicles in their growth state so they can all receive treatment. 

We use the Splendor X™ laser system for hair removal. This is the first hybrid laser hair removal ever created, and the most advanced laser hair removal in the world. Unlike other laser hair removal systems, Splendor X™ laser targets pigment inside the hair follicles where hair grows, AND targets the blood supply of the follicle. By heating up the pigmented hairs and deactivating the blood supply, it stops new hair from being produced. Splendor X™ is also the fastest hair removal system on the market, achieving full body hair removal in as little as 30 minutes. To top off its benefits, it is completely pain-free. 

In addition, miraDry® Fresh is a unique option for hair removal, as it can permanently diminish 70% of underarm hair, as well as 80% of sweat and odor in just one to two sessions. 

How Should I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Following these recommendations will help you get the most benefit from your laser hair removal sessions: 

Avoid Bleaching

Bleach lightens the hair, including the root. Since the laser targets pigments, it cannot treat bleached hairs, so these will escape treatment. Avoid bleaching the treatment area for at least four weeks before each session. 

No Waxing or Plucking

Waxing and similar methods pull the hair out from the root. No root means no pigment for the laser to treat. Currently in their growth phase, these follicles should have the hair root left alone for at least four weeks so the laser can treat them. 

Skip Tanning

No tanning, even with sunless tanners, for several weeks before your session. Laser hair removal works best with a strong contrast between the pigment of the hair root and the skin, so tanning may make treatment less effective, and may lead to a burn. 

Shave Before Treatment

While you can’t wax or epilate, you can shave your hair, and you should shave it 24 hours before your treatment. Hair that’s too long can become too hot during treatment, leading to a thermal injury on the surface of the skin, so keeping hair shaved leaves only the root inside the follicle and prevents overheating. 

What Results Will I See From Laser Hair Removal?

You will need between four and six sessions (double for darker ethnicities) to completely treat your hair and make sure all follicles receive treatment. We recommend yearly maintenance sessions since some hair will grow back during that time, although usually very fine, sparse, and softer than before. 

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

If you want to remove hair anywhere on your body and end the cycle of shaving and waxing forever, laser hair removal is an option for you. The best candidates have the patience to follow through with the necessary number of sessions and have reasonable expectations. 

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