What is Sentient Sculpt?

Sculpt is a new technology that is the FIRST and ONLY 3-in-1 body sculpting device to permanently destroy fat, reduce cellulite long-term, and tighten skin. Sculpt is the FIRST non-invasive procedure to destroy up to 50% of fat permanently, versus other devices that get 30%. Sculpt is also the most effective energy-based device for cellulite and skin tightening, with maintenance being only ONE session a year, after the initial series. Quick results are seen after treatment sessions. Sentient Sculpt’s energy reaches the cellulite fibers and fat cells, effectively and painlessly.

What is the treatment like?

Sculpt has two hand pieces for different depths of fat and target areas. Regardless of
body type or shape, the shallow handpiece or deep handpiece can be selected by your
Skin Management Expert for ideal results.
The handpiece is in constant motion during treatment to keep the skin cool. This
massage technique provides extra comfort and helps disperse heat for best results in
the treated area.
It is a well-tolerated experience and doesn’t hurt like other invasive and painful body

Am I a Candidate?

Everyone who has cellulite is a candidate for the Sentient Sculpt treatment. The treatment is independent of skin color and skin type.

Is there Downtime?

There is no social downtime or bruising and it has a discrete and fast-healing process.

Is Sculpt Painful?

No. Sculpt targets fat more than any other non-invasive technology, and because the fat
is absorbing more of the 2.45 GHz energy than the skin, it doesn’t create pain at the
surface. Additionally, the innovative Sculpt handpiece provides a cooling effect as
treatments are performed.

What are the benefits of Sculpt?
• Permanent fat reduction
• Long-term cellulite reduction
• Long-term skin-tightening
• No Pain
• No downtime

How does Sentient Sculpt Work?

Sentient Sculpt uses 2.45 GHz of micro-wave energy to target fat and effectively reduce cellulite.
80% of Sculpt’s energy is absorbed in the fat layer, versus 10-20% of absorption other
devices, The diffusion of more heat from the fat to the skin stimulates the remodeling of
collagen, improving skin texture.

There is no social downtime or bruising and it has a discrete and fast-healing process.


How does Sentient Sculpt compare to Emsculpt?

Sentient sculpt and Emsculpt are both effective treatments on their own, but can be
combined, for even better results. Both are great for permanent fat destruction, but
Emsculpt is best for muscle, while Sculpt is best for cellulite and skin tightening. It is
best to have a body consultation so our Skin Management ExpertsTM can determine
which or both may be best for you.

How does Sentient Sculpt compare to Emtone ?

Both treatments are very effective at skin tightening and cellulite. Emtone™ is once a
week for four treatments, which may produce fast results, and Sculpt is every 3-4 weeks
for 4 treatments, which although a longer series, produces longer term results. Sculpt is
20 degrees Celsius hotter, which can produce more results for a client that needs it, and
has less maintenance after the initial series (only one treatment a year may be needed).
It’s best to have a consultation to determine which, or if both are best for you.

Is There Any Downtime?*

There is no social downtime or bruising and it has a discrete and fast-healing process.

What does Sentient Sculp cost?

The cost of treatment depends on the location and size of the area to be treated. Request a consultation and get a professional evaluation!

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*Individual Results May Vary