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FACE’s Guide to Facial Technologies

We’ve given you the 411 on our celebrity facial treatments but today we wanted to share some other facial technologies! As you know, we’ve been rated the #1 medspa for facials around Metro Detroit for 9 years in a row! So, we really know about the newest and best treatments out there! Take your skincare maintenance to the next level with these world‑class facial technologies.

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For inflammation and plumping

If your skin is dull, dry or crepe‑y, it could be due to lack of oxygen! Don’t worry, our Oxygeneo facial is here to help.

Oxygeneo™ treats the texture of the skin, while simultaneously creating metabolic changes in the deeper tissues. Infusion, oxygenation, circulation and collagen all take place. This is a wonderful alternative to someone who doesn’t do well with acid‑based peels or prefers a different approach as it can exfoliate and oxygenate the tissue safely, all without the photosensitivity of acid peels.

  • Treats aging, dull and dehydrated skin, large pores, fine lines, irregular texture, acne‑prone skin
  • Restores skin’s youth and gives an all‑around healthier look and feel
  • No pain or downtime with this procedure
  • Safe for all skin types and conditions EXCEPT Rosacea


Cryotherapy is done by applying therapeutic levels of cold temperature to initiate the body’s instinctual healing response to the extreme cold.  

Frozen C takes cryotherapy to the next level, delivering the coldest concentrated cryogen (‑78º Celsius) to the skin for the improvement of redness, puffiness, facial inflammation, rosacea, acne, large pores, and more. It uses CO2 instead of nitrogen, and keeps your skin safe by real‑time skin temperature monitoring and auto‑stop, so your skin stays within the healing range and out of danger. The powerful jet stream delivery fights aging, rosacea, and acne while still being comfortable. Frozen C increases blood flow and oxygen transfer receptiveness so your skin rejuvenates your tissues in a short period of time treating your skin concerns with great success.

The Cryo 5D Luxury Facial is our exclusive celebrity facial that uses five different technologies to exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate, cool, and revive the skin. Renew collagen, plump up the skin, refine texture and pores, and give skin a more even glow, all in just one relaxing 75‑minute facial experience. The treatment also increases hydration and circulation by plumping the cells, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, improving tone and texture, treating pigmentation, melasma, acne, PIH, sun damage and tightening the skin.

MicroNeedling/ Nano‑Needling

For texture, pores, aging, and scars

Looking for a quick way to get rid of unwanted texture, scarring, large pores or reduce signs of aging? Microneedling and Nano‑Needling could be just what you need!


  • Non‑surgical treatment that uses tiny stainless steel needles to stimulate your body’s own collagen‑producing capabilities
  • Speeds up cellular turnover, resurfaces your texture, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and fades old acne scars and hyperpigmentation,
  • Safe for all ethnicities and skin types.
  • Favorite devices: Morpheus8 (RF), Secret RF, EXCEED (pen‑based)


  • Temporarily creates micro‑channels in the skin’s surface without needles
  • Allows products and nutrients to be deeply penetrated to the dermal layer where collagen stimulation happens. 
  • Increases hydration by plumping the cells, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture
  • Nano‑Needling Facial uses customized and infused medical ingredients to target specific conditions like hyperpigmentation, oily skin, aging, breakouts, dry skin, and more.

These procedures will leave you with noticeably soft, smooth skin and an improved complexion that will last for months!

Ultrasound & LED

Ultrasound for deep penetration

LED for acne, aging

Ultrasound and LED are technologies that are used in conjunction with many of our facials and have a lot of amazing benefits for your skin! 

Ultrasound Facial

  • Uses high‑level sound wave technology to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair
  • Increases blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, combats puffiness and swelling, and improves skincare product penetration
  • Great for all skin types, all conditions, and is a great starting place for foundational skin therapy.


  • Helps with production of collagen to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks, inflammation and more
  • Non‑invasive with no pain or downtime 
  • Used with Nano‑Needling Luxury Facial, Oxylight Facial, Rezenerate Nano Facial and others


For acne, resurfacing

Salt is AMAZING. If you use it properly that is! When used under jet pressure, it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, acts as a humectant, AND balances the skin’s pH.

SaltFacial is an in‑office favorite. It’s as powerful as a full‑ablative laser (goes 50 microns deep). But it doesn’t irritate and is safe even on Melasma. 

SaltFacial is an amazing three part facial treatment that includes:

  1. deep resurfacing with organic sea salt
  2. ultrasound therapy
  3. medical LED

AND it can be used in conjunction with other procedures!

This three‑step process offers unprecedented skin rejuvenation, detoxification and restoration.

  • Treats sun damage, fine lines, acne, scarring, uneven pigmentation, and more
  • Youthful, smoother texture, more even skin tone, less sun damage, fewer imperfections and more glowing flawless skin
  • No pain or downtime
  • Safe for all skin types


For pores, blackheads

HydraFacial® is an express 4‑in‑1 resurfacing, cleansing, hydrating, and rejuvenating treatment that will instantly transform the skin in less than an hour. It removes dead skin cells through resurfacing and infusion technologies and extracts impurities.

  • Treats large pores, fine lines, congested and oily skin
  • Notice visible skin refinement and radiant skin tone
  • No pain or downtime!
  • Safe for all skin types and conditions ‑ even sensitive skin!


For acne, hydration

DiamondGlow is one of our top treatments for treating hyperpigmentation without the downtime. This advanced deep clinical skin‑resurfacing treatment is the only treatment to combine exfoliation, extraction, and infusion simultaneously with condition‑specific serums to improve skin health, function, and appearance. 

What can you expect from DiamondGlow?

  • Stimulates collagen, tightens pores, and improves texture, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and skin radiance. 
  • Volumizes the skin by 70% in just one hour for plumper, glowing, more radiant skin
  • Best results seen after a series of treatments for a brighter and fresher appearance


For tightening, lines

Did you know plasma is one of the MOST advanced forms of skin rejuvenation to date?

Our founder, @theskinsaintofficial has been preaching the benefits of plasma long before others jumped on board! 

Jett Plasma Lift 

  • Innovative plasma energy treatment for skin tightening, collagen production, wrinkle reduction
  • Only direct‑current medical plasma device that uses REAL plasma that passes through cell membranes.
  • Improves wrinkles, pigmentation and skin elasticity
  • Instant contraction of skin fibers, which improve the first 2‑3 weeks and continue for 3 months. 
  • No downtime or pain for the facial version (called Jett Plasma Silver), and 5‑7 days of slight peeling post procedure for the more in depth version called (Jett Plasma Gold) featured here
  • Treatment takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour and results can last a few years!

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