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The Skin Saint’s Guide to Cellulite Treatments

They say that death and taxes are the only sure thing in life… but as women we know that cellulite should be on that list too!

Never fear, we have three world‑class treatments that are capable of treating ALL types of cellulite… non‑invasively and with little to no downtime! Keep reading to find out more about these miracle treatments.

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For All Types of Cellulite: EMTONE

Emtone is the only non‑invasive device to address ALL 5 major contributing factors of cellulite, including:

  1. enlarged fat chambers
  2. damaged collagen fibers
  3. loss of skin elasticity
  4. poor blood flow
  5. and metabolic waste accumulation

It’s basically a miracle worker when it comes to treating cellulite. Emtone uses both thermal energy (monopolar RF) and mechanical energy (TPE ‑ Target Pressure Energy) to treat cellulite independent of skin color and type. These two energies worth together to create a heat‑induced injury that enhances the production of collagen and elastin fibers to treat cellulite 

There is no downtime, no pain, just a bit of warmth during the procedure. Results can be seen after a series of four treatments, spaced one week apart. Results can last 6 months, and touch ups are recommended quarterly. 

Emtone contours, tightens and smooths to give you a stunning beach bod. Pair this baby with EmSculpt Neo for double duty booty tightening results!

The Gold Standard: Morpheus8 Body

Morpheus8 Body is our FAVORITE microneedling device! Nothing out there even comes close to this baby! This microneedling device Improves the dimpling and uneven texture of cellulite, and lack of elasticity (loose skin) due to gravity, weight loss, or aging. 

This particular device is Radio‑frequency (RF) based, which has the heat to create collagen contraction and gives warp speed results unlike regular microneedling that are pen based.

It even penetrates up to 8mm into the subdermal tissue, which is double the depth of other RF microneedling devices!

To add to the amazingness of Morpheus 8, it’s safe for all ethnicities and skin types, even in the summer months. You’ll see full body tightening, smoothing and an overall head to toe makeover. So, say goodbye to cellulite and other unwanted texture! 

"Best of the Best"

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Say Bye To Cellulite! 

Ready to try out one of these treatments to banish your cellulite? Just give us a call or text at 248‑663‑0161. We’re always here to help!

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