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Radiofrequency Skin Tightening: How Long Does It Last?

When it comes to sagging skin, it may feel like the only solution is to get a lift or a tuck. And while that may be true for severe sagging, the truth is most people can see significant improvements with loose skin thanks to a special type of energy:


Think it’s just for microwaves and radios? Then grab a cup of tea and settle in, because it’s time to learn about radiofrequency skin-tightening treatments.

We’ll explore just how radiofrequency skin tightening works, including how long you can expect your results to last!


*Individual Results May Vary

How Does Radiofrequency Work for Skin Tightening?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is ideal for penetrating the skin all the way to the subdermal layer, which is where the majority of skin sagging begins. Once radiofrequency energy hits that subdermal layer, it starts to heat up the tissue until it contracts and tightens (yay physics!).

As a result of these contractions, the skin tissue on top of that subdermal layer looks tighter and more toned. 

This non-surgical skin tightening effect can smooth the appearance of wrinkles, reduce fine lines, and even create a nice contouring effect in place of sagging skin!

Best of all, most radiofrequency skin-tightening treatments don’t require any surgery or incisions, meaning there’s no need for downtime or post-procedure recovery.

Best of all, results can last for several months, making this a great longer-term solution for clients who want smoother, younger-looking skin.

The FACE Menu of Radiofrequency Skin-Tightening Treatments

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is pleased to offer a diverse menu of radiofrequency skin-tightening treatments. 

Our most popular procedures include:

  • Morpheus8: Morpheus8 is a microneedling treatment that delivers clinically proven RF energy at the precise depth required to correct a variety of cosmetic concerns all over the body, not just the face, neck, and hands. 
  • Secret RF: This radiofrequency fractional microneedling system that helps you deliver tailored energy to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and scars from the inside out. 
  • Evoke: Evoke’s state-of-the-art platform uses thermal radiofrequency (RF) to rejuvenate skin and remodel facial tissues for lower face and neck tightening and facial fat contouring (shrinking jowl fat) the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Learn more about our menu of radiofrequency skin-tightening treatments here.

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If you’re interested in our radiofrequency skin-tightening treatments, you can schedule an appointment by visiting FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness online. You can also call 1 (248) 663-0161 if you have any questions about our radiofrequency skin-tightening treatments.

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is a multi award-winning beauty and wellness clinic, founded by skin expert Holly Cutler, also known as The Skin Saint.

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is located in Bingham Farms and serves patients throughout Birmingham, Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Franklin, Troy, and the greater Oakland County areas.

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