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What Treatment is Best for Cellulite Reduction?

Up to 90% of women have cellulite. Cellulite forms areas of uneven, dimpled skin, especially in places like the thighs and buttocks. Noninvasive cellulite reduction treatments can improve the appearance of your cellulite so you can feel more confident. If you find that cellulite limits your activities or makes you hesitant to wear what you want, we have a treatment option that will help you. 

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs in men and women and has a strong genetic component. The heavy percentage of females with cellulite points to hormonal causes as well. Cellulite has five primary causes:

  • Damaged, thickened collagen fibers
  • Enlarged pockets of fat
  • Lost skin elasticity
  • Poor blood flow
  • Slow metabolism

Any combination of these may contribute to your cellulite, but at FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness, we have a treatment method to address all of them.


*Individual Results May Vary

What Treatment is Best for Cellulite Reduction?

In considering the best cellulite reduction treatment for you, we will consider the location and type of cellulite and your lifestyle and treatment goals. We offer three non-invasive cellulite reduction methods so that we can use the best one for you. 


First and only treatment to get all 5 causes of cellulite. Emtone uses a combination of radiofrequency (RF) energy and targeted pressure energy (TPE). Emtone™ uses these two forms of energy to break up and loosen collagen bands. It also heats and damages fat cells so the body can remove them. This effective treatment requires no invasive techniques and gives you smoother, more even results in just 4 sessions


Morpheus is the gold-standard in RF micro-needling, as well as the deepest device on the market. Our preferred microneedling device, the Morpheus8, uses microneedling to deliver RF energy deep into the skin, tightening the skin and triggering collagen production. This combination also breaks up fibrous collagen bands to release skin and fat. The tightening effect improves your results and makes almost any area of your body look firmer and more lifted. 

How Long Will It Take to See Results With Cellulite Reduction?

Emtone™ results may become visible after a few weeks, but the body may take several months to remove all the targeted fat. With Morpheus8, you will notice smoother, tighter skin within days, but most of the tightening and firming will happen over the following months as the body produces more collagen. 

Is There Any Downtime With Cellulite Reduction?

These non-invasive treatment methods require no downtime, and you can resume your usual activities after treatment. The most common effects that people notice include minor redness for 30-60 min post procedure.

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FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI
FACE Beauty Science | Oakland County MI

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